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Legions of Chaos: Black Legion

Sunday, 5 Dec 2010
Written by TorelaThe Black Legion is probably the most infamous of the Chaos legions. The Black Crusades, launched by their Warmaster Abaddon the Despoiler, is dreaded by the Imperium.Battlecry: We are returned! and Death to the false Emperor!Post Heresy Black Legion MarinePrimarch:A strong part...

Turkey Day is Eldar Day

Friday, 26 Nov 2010
Almost two months ago Relic released a trailer revealing the existence of an Eldar campaign for Dawn of War 2: Retribution. Formally, little else had been said since. The closest to any additional details from Relic directly came from the Tyranid campaign reveal and preorder description. A...

Retribution Preorders Up

Friday, 19 Nov 2010
Preorders for Dawn of War 2: Retribution have been spotted at e-tail for $30 (USD); specifically, both Amazon and Steam have preorder pages up. What's no doubt more important to everyone here at GR is that the preorder postings come with some new information - here comes the break down.First,...

Dawn of War 2 Section Recruitment

Sunday, 14 Nov 2010
Are you a regular at Gamereplays.org? Do you frequently visit the Dawn of War 2 section? Ever wanted to contribute more? Well now is your chance, as we are currently in great need of several new staff members to help out with running the Dawn of War 2 portal. We are at the moment looking for Game...

PC Gamer Retribution Tyranid Campaign Preview

Monday, 18 Oct 2010
The preview reveals some of what we already know, but there are some nuggets and enhancements in here as well. Notably, the article spills the beans on Tyranid unit production methods. The Hive Tyrant/Swarmlord (see EgonSpengler's clarification below for the "why" on the "/") can use energy to...

GameSpot Retribution Q&A with Jeff Lydell

Monday, 18 Oct 2010
Not only have Relic released a teaser trailer for Retribution's Tyranid campaign, but Jeff Lydell has sat down with GameSpot for an interview to offer additional details on how that's going to work.The Q&A reveals that in the Tyranid campaign, players will take control of a Hive Tyrant, receiving...

Retribution Tyranid Campaign Reveal

Sunday, 17 Oct 2010
The Tyranid reveal brings much to be excited about, and much to speculate about. With only a trailer having found its way onto the internet from German Gamesday, not much is known about the campaign itself. We know the premise- those pesky Tyranids your powerful Space Marines crushed in Dawn of...

More on Retribution's Ork Heroes

Friday, 8 Oct 2010
Relic has remained interestingly silent on news of the Eldar campaign outside of its Games Day presence and the released trailer. However, they have sprung forth with a bit more on the Orks.The Ork campaign in Dawn of War II: Retribution centers on the brutal Kaptin Bluddflagg and his...
Special Feature

Ratix Tournament 1v1 Final Approaches

Thursday, 7 Oct 2010
Fellow gamers, this is what you've been waiting for!The final round of the 1v1 tournament is about to take place featuring Soom and Caeltos, two of the current best Dawn of War 2 players in the worldwide. The duo will face off in a fierce best of three round contest, putting their pride on the...

Eldar Make Their Retribution Entrance

Monday, 27 Sep 2010
While Relic made a great deal about unveiling an Ork campaign upon Retribution's initial announcement, they were also keen to point out that players will have the chance to command more than just Orks in Retribution's campaigns. What other races would be available, and how many, Relic left...