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Dawn of War 2 Features and Articles


Unit Profile - Eldar Wraithguard

Wednesday, 20 Jan 2010
The Wraithguard, once living Eldar soldiers, have escaped death through preservation in spirit stones. It is these spirit stones which guide their Wraithbone constructs, a powerful material which is used in the construction of the devastating yet swift Eldar tanks.The Wraithguard will be a Tier 2...

The Chaos Pantheon: Khorne

Saturday, 16 Jan 2010
The four Gods of Chaos are each well suited to being represented in the up and coming Dawn of War 2 expansion Chaos Rising, but none more than Khorne, the Chaos God of anger, violence and hate. He has already been represented in past Dawn of War titles, with his Berserker units being released in...

Unit Profiles - Tyrant Guard & Genestealer Brood

Thursday, 14 Jan 2010
Recently Relic Entertainment released a ‘unit profile’ on the new Space Marine unit that is set for release in the forthcoming Chaos Rising expansion pack, but speculation and excitement has arisen over what exactly the new units for the other races will be, with many believing they will just be...

The Chaos Pantheon: Tzeentch

Wednesday, 6 Jan 2010
Each of the Chaos Gods are unique, and each represents different facets of Chaos. Some of them are set in their ways, and will never change the way they each represent Chaos. The Chaos God Tzeentch, however, represents the aspects of Chaos that are ever-changing - the vitality and volatility of...
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The Chaos Pantheon: Nurgle

Friday, 1 Jan 2010
Nurgle represents morbidity, disease, and physical corruption, and is said to be more involved with mortals than the other Chaos Gods, as those who are afflicted by his terrible diseases often turn to him in an attempt to escape their suffering. While the other Gods are empowered by the hopes,...

New "Chaos Rising" Screenshots

Wednesday, 25 Nov 2009
Game producer THQ has just released some more screenshots for Chaos Rising, the upcoming expansion pack for Dawn Of War 2 slated for release in the spring of 2010. Let's take a look! Click on any picture to view the full-size version.Here we can see a clearly over-excited Bloodletter, a lesser...
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Dawn of War 2 v1.9 Released With Notes

Wednesday, 11 Nov 2009
The latest version of Dawn of War 2 has gone live and should download for you automatically when you launch Steam. The patch, listed officially as a "hotfix", is not large and has a fairly simple change log. Bug Fixes for The Last StandFixed issue that could result in the loss of Last Stand...

Chaos Rising Interview With Relic

Monday, 9 Nov 2009
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, do we have a treat for you today! Our very own GodAries (GA) recently had the opportunity to ask questions to Relic Developer Jeff Lydell (Relic) about the new stand-alone expansion currently in the works, Chaos Rising. Read on to find insights into the...
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Map Contest Winners

Wednesday, 23 Sep 2009
After a long few weeks the initial stage of judging have been completed! Out of the wonderful 25 submissions that we received, 10 have been made finalists! Congratulations to all that entered, and especially to those that made it to the top 10. Judging was tough as the maps that were submitted...
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Dawn of War 2 Community Map Creation Contest

Saturday, 15 Aug 2009
Welcome, Dawn of War 2 fans, to the first Community Map Creation Contest! If you love slaving away long and hard to try and create the most killer map, here's your chance for your map to be made Official. That's right, the Winner's work will be placed in the game as an official map one of Relic's...