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Dawn of War 2 Features and Articles


The Newer and Greener Tier One Orks

Monday, 3 Aug 2009
What does Patch 1.5 bring to the Orks in tier 1? In a nutshell, players will notice an increase in overall power. Be prepared for more intense tier 1 battles, without having to worry about pesky enemy vehicle armor entering the field in the opening minutes. Be prepared for more infantry hitting...

First Expansion - Tau?

Sunday, 26 Jul 2009
Expansions. They keep popping up across various forums, with threads ranging from serious discussion, to wishlisting, even begging Relic for information. However, for all the talk there has been very little hard evidence from Relic, and for the moment they seem focused on balancing the game and...

There is Only War - Map Analysis

Friday, 17 Jul 2009
No matter the game, the "map" is a pillar of game design- after all, how can a gamer experiment and enjoy a game's most important mediums like art and gameplay without a canvas to display them on?With the release of the "There is Only War" patch, eight new multiplayer maps (along with the ability...
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Dawn of War 2 Q&A with Relic, July 2009

Wednesday, 15 Jul 2009
Once again Thunder - the community manager for Relic Entertainment - has agreed to answer some of the questions that have been put forward by the GameReplays.org community. A lot of questions were selected and sent on to Relic but with the release of the beta nullifying a lot of them before the...

Introducing Your Three Wub Champions

Saturday, 11 Jul 2009
A replay can be mundane, mediocre, and just plain boring. On the other hand, a replay that accumulates vast amounts of tender 'wub' are considered not only entertaining, but masterpieces constructed by the artist with an eye for Dawn of War 2's technical nuances. Newcomers to the community may...

Interview with Bentguru, Guru of "There Is Only War"

Friday, 19 Jun 2009
You might know him as Bentguru. Senior Game Commentator here on the Dawn of War 2 portal, Prince of Darkness and the black sheep of the staff community, he spends much of his time here yelling at his Game Commentator minions and getting in everyone's hair. In a desperate attempt to get some peace...
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Relic Q&A, May 2009

Saturday, 6 Jun 2009
Thunder, Relic Entertainment's very own community manager agreed once more to answer some of the questions put forward by the GameReplays.org community regarding drop-hacking, patches and balancing, alongside a few of the more common concerns about gameplay and balance issues and the current...
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Dawn of War 2 Community Update #1

Saturday, 30 May 2009
Welcome, everyone, to this brand new round-up of the best that we have to offer right here in the GameReplays.org Dawn of War 2 portal's very own forums! This Community Update is designed to give you an idea of the threads to keep an eye on, the very best ideas that GameReplays.org members have...
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This Week In DoW2 VOD's #9

Tuesday, 19 May 2009
After an extended hiatus, our round-up of the best Dawn of War 2 VOD's has returned to bring you more excellent gamecasts from the previous few weeks. With our gamecasting team in full swing and members uploading more casts than ever, it was far harder than it should've been to select the one's...
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Relic Q&A, April 2009

Tuesday, 28 Apr 2009
Today, Relic Entertainments very own community manager,Thunder, agreed to answer some more of the questions put forward by the GameReplay.org community regarding patches past, patches present and patches future, along with a few of the more common concerns about gameplay and balance issues. So...