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There Is Only War! First Look at Patch 1.4

By L.A.G - 18th June 2009 - 20:42 PM

Today, Relic Entertainment officially announced the first few features of their upcoming 1.4 patch for Dawn of War 2. Entitled "There Is Only War", this new update to the game will bring with it far more than the expected balance tweaks! Alongside mention of new game modes, the much anticipated addition of observer mode, major balance overhauls including multiple brand new abilities and unit re-invention, the patch promises to bring with it an whole new era of the game unlike anything that has come prior.

And we are right there at the forefront!

On Friday the 19th of June (tomorrow!), GameReplays.org will release an exclusive first-look at some of the major new patch features in an in-depth report (and something else a little bit special!) from Bentguru, our Dawn of War 2 Senior Game Commentator, who was recently dispatched to Relic HQ in Vancouver, Canada to become the first first person from outside Relic to ever play Patch 1.4! A fully-detailed Report featuring his omnipotent wisdom, cutting cynicism and something a little bit extra will be appearing tomorrow right here on the Dawn of War 2 portal - something every person with more than a passing interest in the game should itch to get a look at! Keep you eyes peeled right here tomorrow for our exclusive release!

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A screenshot showcasing the new observer mode's HUD, designed to enable you to easily track the entire battlefield

The next major event leading up to the release of this patch will be the announced Open Beta for There is Only War in early-July 2009! This Beta will be available for all Dawn of War 2 players and Relic has promised to keep close tabs on community feedback during this to ensure that the final release is as polished as possible. Keep your eyes peeled to GameReplays.org over the next few weeks for details of how to get into the Beta.

In the first major reveal in the lead-up to There Is Only War, Relic has revealed that eight brand new maps covering all the game modes will be included. Featuring four 2-player maps and two for both 3v3 and 2v2, the new maps showcase the great initiative from the Relic design team and should certainly make the game more vibrant and diverse! Not much is known about these maps although Relic has released a single screenshot from every map to show the setting and ideas behind each.

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Click on any image to view a full-screen shot of that map! With many more revelations set to follow in the lead-up to the July Beta be sure to keep your eyes glued to GameReplays.org; we will be bringing you all the latest updates and in-depth analysis on features as they are revealed! It certainly appears that Relic has pulled out all the stops for 1.4 and excitement looks to be running high.

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