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Warhammer Skulls For The Skull Throne II Sale

Friday, 1 Jun 2018
As a celebration of everything and anything Warhammer, Steam is currently running the Skulls For The Skull Throne II Sale, from 31st May 2018 to 4th June 2018. During this event, the large majority of games in the Warhammer universe, both in the 40,000 timeline and the Old World timeline, will be...

Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War

Sunday, 10 Dec 2017
Slitherine Games and Proxy Studios have announced a new 4X genre game that is to be set in the Warhammer 40k universe. Titled Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War, an announcement trailer has been released which can be watched below:The game will be set on a planet named Gladius Prime and...

GameReplays.Org is Recruiting Writers!

Tuesday, 7 Nov 2017
Have you ever had the urge to give your thoughts on gaming developments? Perhaps you have a flair for language and want to express yourself to our community? Maybe you would like to build your name as a bona fide games or tech reviewer? Well then, you are in luck because GameReplays.Org is...

Philippe Boulle Left Relic

Sunday, 27 Aug 2017
Philippe Boulle, Game Director for Dawn of War 3, has left Relic. Released in a tweet on Friday he talks about how he is leaving the company after 12 years, which means he survived the purge of THQ, and how he already has a new job to look forward to. We are given no information as to whether...

Skulls For The Skull Throne

Thursday, 20 Jul 2017
The July 20th patch is here and there also happens to be a Skulls For The Skull Throne promotion for all things Warhammer. To start off with Dawn of Wars latest patch, if you've been paying attention you already know of the new map and skins coming but what you didn't know was that there was a...

Dawn of War Steam Sale

Tuesday, 27 Jun 2017
Hear ye, hear ye, people of the Dawn of War universe; Space Marines, Forces of Chaos, Orks, Eldar and more! The steam summer sale is here once again and the Dawn of War franchise in featured heavily. Dawn of War games are selling at a huge discount with between 25% and 75% off the asking prices....

June 13 Community Update Summary

Wednesday, 14 Jun 2017
The Annhiliation Update will hit you on June the 20th, a Tuesday. Before that, on the 16th, there will be a live stream of a new mode. And sometime during this week, there will be a video released about the mode as well.The mode in question? Annhiliation Mode. Or modes. As there are two. All...

First Dawn of War 3 Gold Replay!

Wednesday, 7 Jun 2017
Gamereplay's first ever GOLD Dawn of the War 3 Replay goes to an almost 50 minute high tier game, on the new 1v1 map 'Mork's Mire', between Bikerushownz' Marines and Trojan's Orks. This is a great showcase of the new patches larger armies and different compositions with the Ork player being able...

Maps and Modding Forum Launched!

Saturday, 27 May 2017
Since its early Betas people have complained about the quality and quantity of maps available in Dawn of War III, and now weeks after release this problem is more prominent than ever. Some even go further to claim the game itself must be changed. The burden falls upon modders and those brave...

Gamereplays Discord Server Launched! Join the chat!

Thursday, 13 Apr 2017
Hello fellow gamers! Gamereplays have opened our own Discord server, with a channel for each of our active games and more. Discord is a text and voice chat service designed specifically for gamers and gaming. It comes with Steam and Twitch integration and plenty of fun features to keep...