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Dawn of War 2 News


An Updated look at Dawn of War 2

Saturday, 19 Jul 2008
Featuring a new enhanced look at the singleplayer perspective of Dawn of War 2 here we will discuss new knowledge that not only will the player be playing Space Marines, but the player will also be flying around in a Space Cruiser defending the Imperium. The idea here is that the Imperium is...

New Dawn of War 2 Screenshots

Thursday, 17 Jul 2008
We just updated our Dawn of War 2 screenshot gallery with seven high resolution screenshots showing explosive action from the battlefield. Make sure to frequently visit the Dawn of War 2 portal for more updates.Click here to enter our screenshot gallery or use the "Images" tab at the top of the...

Dawn of War 2 on Games For Windows Live

Wednesday, 16 Jul 2008
Released at E3 is this newest information on Dawn of War 2, which will be on Games For Windows Live, also known as GFW-Live. Relic states, "Online play will be a huge part of Dawn of War II. In addition to competitive multiplayer we are also supporting co-operative play in the campaign. It's...

The History of RTS: Warhammer 40,000, Dawn of War

Wednesday, 16 Jul 2008
With Dawn of War 2 on the horizon it's time to look back, and to investigate the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War (DOW) Franchise thus far.Read what GameReplays staff member HaXxorIzed wrote in part 4.4 of our History of Real Time Strategy article series."To investigate, and to take apart Warhammer...

Dawn of War 2: E3 Video

Wednesday, 16 Jul 2008
Released at E3 was the exclusive new video for Dawn of War 2. The video is extraordinary to say the least but it is not gameplay content. It is however a vivid, and intense cinematic with a cliff hanger at the end.This 'brutal combat' can be viewed in the video below. Very exciting stuff keep...

DoW II's 3rd Faction Announced

Saturday, 12 Jul 2008
Details on the newest faction from E3 was announced on July, 11th, 2008 here are two links that will take you to gametrailers.com which has released this video of the Space Marines, Orks and lastly the Eldar which has not previously been announced. Watch the videos provided for some...

Dawn of War II Trailer & Screenshots

Saturday, 5 Apr 2008
A Dawn of War II Trailer has recently been released. This 44-second cinematic trailer shows a Space Marine Force Commander wielding a hammer fighting against an Ork Warboss.Also, 3 screenshots have been released, showing the amazing graphics and detail that Dawn of War II will have.Assault...