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Tip of the Week #13: Tips On Protecting Your Power Income

By WigLord - 27th August 2010 - 00:17 AM

Tired of losing your generators all the time? Tired of teching so slow you face an avatar while still in tier one? Have no fear ladies and gentlemen, as here comes our own Strategy Specialist extraordinaire Hellic to save the day, who has graciously decided to give you some useful tips and tricks on just how to protect your juicy power generators from those nasty enemies- Wiggdogga.

In almost every close game a situation arises where you lose generators. Either the enemy has forced your army off the field and is now proceeding to raze your gen-farm to the ground, or the enemy has sent a ninja squad to stealthily burn your unprotected gens. Either way, are you entirely helpless at this point? Are you forced to watch your requisition investment and power income vanish, while you franticly reinforce and anxiously wait for your army to heal?

Of course not! This guide will teach you a couple of tricks that can rejuvenate your economy and bring you back into the tech race in no time.

Tip 1

Constantly Rebuild Your Power Node

  • The enemy has destroyed your power node when your farm still has active generators.
  • The enemy has shown interest in decapping your power as opposed to razing the whole farm (i.e. instead of attacking your generators after destroying your node, your opponent moves a unit closer to the power point in an attempt to decap.)
  • The enemy has enough DPS to almost instantly destroy a power node in the process of being built (e.g. flamer Tac, upgraded Hormagants + Termagants).
  • IPB Image125 to spend.
How Does This Work?

Well, it all relies on one principle...
The Principle
The game treats unfinished generators and nodes that are destroyed in the same way the game treats unfinished generators that are canceled by the builder.

Canceling generators refunds requisition in relation to the time it takes for you to cancel them. If you immediately cancel a generator after you start building it, you’ll receive IPB Image90 to IPB Image100. However, the longer you wait to cancel it, the less req you’ll receive. Similarly, if the enemy immediately destroys a generator or a node that has just been called down, then you’ll be refunded almost all the requisition you spent.

If you wanted to know why good players (I think Spirit is especially infamous in this regard) kept rebuilding destroyed nodes, then wonder no more!

How Will This Help?

Using this knowledge to your advantage, you can ensure a power farm will keep producing power for you for as long as possible if your opponent attempts to capture it. If you have backup forces on the way, this delaying tactic will only cost you a minimal amount of requisition assuming the enemy immediately destroys every newly built node. The power farm will keep producing +IPB Image35 income (+5 from the point, +10 from each gen) as opposed to +IPB Image0 if the enemy decapped the point (or worse if the farm ends up providing power for your opponent).

Another important advantage is that since units auto-attack nodes, you can essentially tie up the enemy's army for some time because it's constantly killing nodes. However, smart opponents will either move fast to decap or will ignore the unfinished node and focus on other things (like your power generators).

Microing the Rebuilding
Beware: You can’t just keep the power point selected you if plan to immediately re-node. You must re-select the power point after the node is destroyed to get the option to re-node. Otherwise, pressing the hotkey for building a node (default is “A”) will call down a new generator, not a new node. Constantly doing this, and doing so before the enemy can decap, requires a bit of micro and speed.

Here's a quick video demonstration:

Notice that I get req back each time the node is destroyed.

Tip 2

Call Down Generators Before Your Power Node is Destroyed

  • The enemy has just destroyed all of your power generators.
  • Your army is on the way to defend your power point and you’re confident you can push your opponent off.
  • You have enough requisition to build generators and you need the power.
How does this work?

When your power node has a sliver of health left, call down as many generators as you can. If you’re afraid the enemy will steal the power, you can also rebuild the node (see tip 1). Basically, because you built the generators before the old power node was destroyed, you won’t have to wait for a new power node to be completed in order to build gens. This saves a lot of time and you gain more power if you can drive off the opponent’s army before he has the chance to destroy your new gens. Keep in mind that if he does destroy the unfinished gens, then you’ll receive at least some req refunded back (see tip 1).

How Will This Help?

It takes roughly 20 seconds to build either a generator or a node. If you wait until after the old node is destroyed to build another node and then build three more generators, then:
  1. In the first 20 seconds
    You have +IPB Image5 income (+5 from the power point as your node is being built)
  2. In the next 20 seconds
    You have +IPB Image9 income (the completed node adds +4 and this is when you just called down three new gens after your new node finishes)
  3. Afterward
    You have +IPB Image39 income (+5 from the point, +4 from the node, +10 from each gen)
On the other hand, if you build three generators before the old node is destroyed and a new node after the old one is destroyed (assuming you can push the enemy off before he razes any of the unfinished structures), then:
  1. In the first 20 seconds
    You have +IPB Image5 income (+5 from the power as your node and gens are being built)
  2. Afterward
    You have +IPB Image39 income (+5 from the point, +4 from the node, +10 from each gen)
The result? That Bloodcrusher won’t be wreaking havoc in your base for 20 seconds because you saved 20 seconds in the tech race.

Here's a quick video demonstration:

I hope this guide helps when you’re on the defense and you need all the power you can get!
Thanks for the read!

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