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Knockback Guide

By Asmon - 27th September 2012 - 04:53 AM

In Dawn of War 2: Retribution, knockback is a mechanism that a couple of abilities have. They knock units over and send them to the ground. Two types of knockback exist: weapon knockback and ability knockback.

How knockback works

Knockback affects only infantry units and sometimes the Ork Battlewagon, due to a bug. Some abilities work on enemy or allied units, others take effect on both. Knockback does zero damage. Most abilities that do knockback also do damage. Chaos Lord, Hive Tyrant, Warboss and Terminators cannot fall flat on the ground; instead, they are pushed away.

When a unit suffers from knockback:
  • The unit is knocked over, falls flat on the ground, then gets on its feet.
  • The unit will resume its job, if it was about attacking the enemy or capturing a point.
  • If it was a move command, be careful! The unit forgets about it and is now left to its own devices.
When a unit is capturing a point, the enemy can knockback it, which usually moves it away from the point, interrupting the capture. Sometimes, however, the unit is not pushed far enough, and the captures goes on. At this moment, the unit will not respond to any commands issued, including retreat.

IPB Image

Chaos Lord using his ability Kill the Weak, healing himself (75 hp per model hit) and doing 20 melee damage and weapon knockback in radius 5.

Weapon knockback

Weapon knockback is the most common sort of knockback. Retreating units are immune to weapon knockback. While performing animations an entity may be immune to weapon knockback.

Infantry units that are immune to weapon knockback:
    Space Marines: Force Commander with Terminator Armor; Terminators; Assault Terminators.
    Eldar: Wraithguards.
    Orkz: None.
    Chaos Space Marines: Chaos Lord; Plague Champion with Armor of Pestilence.
    Imperial Guard: Heavy Weapon Team with Sergeant upgrade.
    Tyranids: Hive Tyrant.
Abilities that give immunity to weapon knockback:
    Space Marines: Force Commander's Battlecry, Iron Halo.
    Eldar: Warp Spider Exarch's Phase Shift and Shimmer Orb (to affected units).
    Orkz: Mekboy's Suppa Buff Team (to affected squad).
    Chaos Space Marines: Bloodletters' Warp Shift.
    Imperial Guard: Lord Commissar's Refractor Field.
    Tyranids: Zoanthrope's Warp Field.

Ability knockback

Ability knockback is rare. Every infantry unit is susceptible to it, and only 4 abilities provide immunity to ability knockback: Force Commander's Battlecry, Bloodletters Phase, Warp Spider Exarch's Phase Shift and Shimmer Orb. While performing animations an entity may be immune to ability knockback. Due to some bug, a handful of melee specials do ability knockback, even though they should not.

Abilities and globals that do ability knockback:
    Space Marines: Venerable Dreadnought's charge; Drop pods (Reinforcement and Venerable Dreadnought); Heavy Plasma's shots; Orbital Bombardment.
    Eldar: Warlock's Etheral Slash (along 2 crossed lines); Distorsion Cannon's Singularity; Avatar's Wailing Doom and Khaine's Wrath; Eldritch Storm.
    Orkz: Weirdboy's Over Dere; Warboss's Now I'm Angry and Bang Bang Hammer's special attack; Rokz.
    Chaos Space Marines: Bloodcrusher's charge; Empyreal Abyss.
    Imperial Guard: Rocket Run.
    Tyranids: Synapse backlash; Ravener Alpha's Burrow Strike; Mycetic Spores; Thornback Carnifex's charge; Tyrant Guard's charge; Hive Tyrant's charge; Tyranoform.
IPB Image

The Avatar of Khaine using Wailing Doom, doing ability knockback and explosive damage within a large cone.

Domino effect

When knockback throws a unit into the air, it might fall on his or hers allies, making them fall, perhaps. The fall does ability knockback, so if there are enough allies around, they can fall like domino. The fall only affects allied units and may or may not make an ally fall.

IPB Image

Tyranids Swarmlord using Blade Fury, doing melee damage and weapon knockback. Infantry units hit by this ability will often do domino effect to units nearby.

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