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Dawn of War 2 Section Recruitment

By WigLord - 14th November 2010 - 01:27 AM

Are you a regular at Gamereplays.org? Do you frequently visit the Dawn of War 2 section? Ever wanted to contribute more? Well now is your chance, as we are currently in great need of several new staff members to help out with running the Dawn of War 2 portal. We are at the moment looking for Game Commentators, Writers, Moderators, Strategy Specialists and Referees.

As one of these members you will gain access to the super secret staff forums, gain a shiny new badge, and help one of the busiest sections churn out content. Interested? Read on then, and find out what you need to do and what you could be doing!

Game Commentators

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As a Game Commentator, you will be responsible for creating game commentaries, livestreams and pretty much anything video related. You will not have any moderation powers and you will need to be familiar with the general rules governing the site. Also, interacting with regular members and showing them the tools of the trade is part of the job, as this field is rather specialized. Senior Game Commentators are very familiar with all forms of Commentating, and will be able to produce entertaining, informative videos, as well as help put Junior Commentators.

Currently, we have no Senior Game Commentator, thus we will, for the time being, require applicants to be proficient in commentating already, as they will br receiving minimal advice and tutelage.


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Moderators are the guardians of the forums. Their job is to monitor discussions, making sure they remain friendly and preventing any arguments or full blown attempts to antagonise other members from going too far.

They will report problem posts by seting them invisible, and can see invisible posts themselves. They are able to move and lock topics topics, and as a Junior Moderator, you will will work closely with our two Senior Mods ParanoidKami and Mhorhe.


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Referees are in charge of all things tournament related. They confer with each other and the community to determine event specifics, namely the rules, line-ups, and order of elimination. Like the Artists and the Game Commentators, they dont actively moderate the forums, but during a tournament their word is law.

As a Referee, you must possess excellent organisational skills and time management.

Currently, Alxander fills the role of Senior Referee.


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Writers exist to fill the front page with content that's not related to the strategy content. New game releases, patches, and expansions all spike traffic and they are always led into with a ton of news. Sneak previews, developer videos, screenshot analysis for new games, patch logs, whatever; Writers are here to take that news and present it to the community in their own words, in the form of easy to understand news posts.

They also cover literally anything else of interest to the gaming community. This ranges from smaller things like tournament coverage, special events, and interviews, to major pieces about such things as game company buyouts and mergers, large-scale changes to the site itself, and stories about new laws and regulations that affect gamers worldwide.

They have no specific moderation tools outside of the news forum. Editors spend most of their time reviewing the Writers' work before submission, and while Writers generally have the power to post articles on the front page themselves, certain types of content will require an Editor's privileges.

As a writer, you will interact with all staff, including the Section Editor BravesToaster. You will also work with Lead Editors and the Directors Of Content

Strategy Specialists

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Strategy Specialists are the brains behind the guides and tips you will find on the forums. They assist regular members with strategy advice, either by posting on the forums or by posting their guides directly onto the portal. You have to be good at the game, but also you need to understand the game, and be aware of the various mechanics involved.

The role of Senior Strategy Specialist is held by Strategy Specialists who have proven these things, and are tasked with managing Strategy Specialists. The role is currently held by ITSSEXYTIME.

To find out more about these positions, and how you can show your worth, send a Private Message to the section AdministratorWiggdogga or the Director of Dawn of War 2 Ninjabutter for more details on how you can apply.

And there you have it! If you want to contribute more to the community or be more recognized, feel free to apply for any of these positions, and help one of the biggest sections' on Gamereplays get even bigger and better!