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Tip of the Week #3: Space Marine Scouts

By Ablitterator - 6th April 2009 - 10:36 AM

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Scouts are often looked at as the "cappers" for the Space Marine race, despite the fact that they can be so much more than that. Here I present some tactics that I will go through:

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"Throw a grenade which damages and disrupts infantry. Grenades ignore cover and are effective against garrisoned buildings."

Level 2 Stronghold

Equipping grenades (researching the scout sergeant upgrade) on a scout squad is a must for any tier2 army. For only 60 IPB Image 25IPB Image 3 IPB Image you get the priceless ability to throw fragmentation grenades.
Grenades can be the turning tide in any battle. You should be throwing grenades as often as you can without wasting them. As the quotation at the top suggests the grenades ignore cover and are effective at clearing buildings. They also have a large area of effect, meaning that they can decimate hordes of Orks, Tyranids or Eldar quite easily. For example here we have a mob of Ork Sluggas:

Before grenade:

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After grenade:

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As you can see there is a sizable difference. The grenades have a 1 second timer but when facing a large group of Orks, Tyranids or Eldar pop a grenade in their direction and smile at the results.
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"Become invisible. Attacking, using abilities or getting too close to enemy troops will reveal the squad."

Level 1 Stronghold (shotgun) 40 IPB Image and 20 IPB Image
Level 2 Stronghold (Sniper Rifle) 150 IPB Image and 35 IPB Image

If you have read Ninjabutter's guide on Infiltration (if not I strongly suggest you do) then you will know that infiltrated units play a big part in the game.

Infiltration can be unlocked in 2 different ways. The first way to get infiltration is to buy the shotgun upgrade in tier 1 or you can wait until you advance to tier 2 and buy the sniper rifles upgrade. Both of these upgrades can be very useful for the squad depending on your opponent and what you want to do with the squad. An infiltrated squad with the shotgun upgrade can be an enormous help. For example, if your opponent is an Ork, Eldar or Space Marine player then chances are he will be getting a weapons team to guard one of his victory points. Not a problem, infiltrate you scout with shotguns and get into close proximity then unleash your shotguns and watch them retreat.
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"Shotguns are good close-range combat weapons. Scouts also gain the Infiltrate ability."

Prerequisites: None

As said in the quote the shotgun upgrade is excellent in close combat. Upgrading to the shotgun also allows for the infiltrate ability talked about earlier. Infiltration in combination with the shotgun can be a mean tactic. The shotguns deal knockback on the enemy meaning that they fall to the ground and cannot fire. This is a great advantage to have over an opposing force. If you are ever playing in a game when your opponent is Tyranids I strongly suggest that you upgrade to shotguns as quick as possible, considering the upgrade only costs 40 IPB Image and 20 IPB Image it shouldn't be too much of a dent in your economy.

The Tactic
  • Infiltrate
  • Get into close proximity with your enemy
  • Uncloak
  • Continually knock the enemy back

This works nearly every single time. Your opponent well either stand there and die or will retreat back to his stronghold. Either serves you perfectly fine.
IPB Image

"Sniper rifles are effective against infantry and clearing out buildings. Scouts also gain the Infiltrate ability."

Prerequisites: Level 2 Stronghold

Enemy infantry fear them, Space Marines under use them, they are sniper rifles. I believe that this is the most underused upgrade for the scout. But I'm here to tell you that the sniper rifle upgrade is a very worthy investment. Costing only 150 IPB Image and 35 IPB Image the sniper rifle is a very potent killer - a single shot from the rifle will kill one unit out of nearly every tier 1 squad. As the quote says they are also great at clearing buildings, they sit nicely out of range and just pick them off. Your opponent will do either 1 of 2 things: they will stay in there and die or they will retreat back to their base.

I would suggest if your opponent is Ork and you haven't upgraded you scouts and you are in tier 2 to buy the sniper rifle upgrade. The reason behind this is Ork players armies are usually all tier 1 units. Thus making the scouts equipped with sniper rifles the perfect counter.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it helped. Happy gaming.

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