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Capping Guide Part 3

By Asmon - 4th December 2012 - 23:14 PM

Dawn of War 2: Retribution is a game about capturing points on the battlefield. Generally speaking, players call the capture mechanism capping and to capture is shortened in to cap.

This is the third part of the guide.

Basis - Part 3

The tips of this section are major but also belong to the basic knowledge that you must have to play Dawn of War 2: Retribution at a medium level.

Preventing capture

On the field, you will encounter an enemy unit that is capturing. Sometimes, it may be more important not to let your opponent capture this point than actually kill the unit.

For example: You want to prevent a victory point's capture by an enemy, particularly when your victory point count is very low.
You cannot allow the capture of your main power point when you need power.

In order to prevent a unit from capturing, you can simply attack to kill it or force it to fall back. But when the unit keeps capturing despite your attacks, you have to use knockback. It can come from melee special attacks, abilities, grenades or global call-ins. The knockback will move away the unit from the point and interrupt the capture.

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Space Marines Librarian can be equipped with a Force Staff which grants the Force Barrier ability, an underused spell that does ability knockback. It is very powerful for denying captures.

Remember not to aim your knockback abilities towards the point, as it may not knock the unit far away enough to stop the capture. Bear in mind that a handful of units (Chaos Lord, Hive Tyrant, Terminators) are immune to weapon knockback and that certain abilities (Force Commander's Iron Halo, Lord Commissar's Refractor Field, also Warlock's Psychic Shield in the elite mod) give weapon knockback immunity. Use abilities that do ability knockback (Bloodcrusher's charge, Avatar's Wailing Doom) to move such units away from the point you defend. See also the Knockback Strategy Guide for more information.

Reset a capture
When you successfully force away an enemy unit from a point while the gauge is red, to issue a capturing command will instantly reset the gauge in your favor, and your opponent will therefore lose some precious time.

When even ability knockback is not enough, a few things can still work. The first one is pathing priority: units with high pathing priority (vehicles, monstrous creatures, Hive Tyrant, Chaos Lord) can dislodge a unit that is capturing by moving around it; eventually, the unit will be forced away from the point and the capture will be stopped. Other things are special abilities like Sorcerer's Subjugate and Warp Spider Exarch's Phase Shift.

IPB Image

Assault Space Marines stop these Chaos heretics from capturing by jumping in front of them.

Another strategy is to physically deny or at least delay the access to a point, by building heavy cover around it with Imperial Guardsmen, Eldar shields with Guardians, Chaos shrines with Heretics or even turrets (light or heavy turrets with Imperial Guard, regular turrets with Techmarine, Mekboy and Plague Champion). Shields and covers are a very good choice because they cost no resources, however they can be crushed by many units thus are less reliable. Globals like Imperial Bunkers, Eldar Webgates, Tyranid's Brood Nest and Capillary Towers can also pathblock to delay the moment one reaches the point, as do snaring abilities (Mines, explosives, Inquisitor's Crippling Volley and Assail, Chaos Sorcerer's Chains of Torment).

If you don't have access to these, just deal as much damage as possible and pray to Kaela Mensha Khaine.

Map Control

A point that is under your control may give you an idea about what is going on next to it, for it has a small sight radius. Thus, you always know if there are enemy units near the points you own, even if none of your units are nearby. Moreover, every time you spot a point, its status is refreshed on your mini-map, which gives you again more information about what your opponent is doing.

IPB Image

Catachans' Improvised Explosives do ability knockback with radius 3. With Ol' Reliable and Explosive Shot, this results in three different ways for the Catachans to deny captures with knockback.

In a nutshell, as long as you control enough points on the battlefield, you can roughly estimate where your opponent's forces are at every moment, then respond accordingly.

It also means that you can blind your enemy by de-capturing the points under his control with scouting units, which will later hide the advance of your troops on the map.

Transition between Tiers

The pressure exerted on your capturing units increases as the game continues. Lone capturing becomes more and more dangerous for squishy squads. You also have to keep in mind that the game is won through victory points control; to capture an enemy resource point after 30 minutes of playing is often meaningless.

As it becomes more vital to control victory points rather than resources points, players will eventually hold position and allocate units to defense. At some point, it may be a better choice to use all your forces to keep two victory points under control, which means to abandon a portion of the map to the enemy.

IPB Image

Long range, high damage, ability knockback on hit, and low cost: the Devastator Plasma Cannon Squad will make a strong bodyguard unit for your victory points.

Heavy weapon teams (either suppression teams like Eldar Shuriken cannon or Area of Effect damage teams like Noise Marines with Blastmaster) will make amazing victory point guardians. You can also use turrets with Imperial Guard, Mekboy, Techmarine and Plague Champion. They have great synergy with sniper units as they are able to shoot at their full range thanks to snipers' high sight radius.

Target ground
When the enemy captures under the Fog of War, you can still dislodge his units from the point by using the target ground command (G key by default) with for example a Devastator Plasma Cannon Squad or a Fireprism.

Besides, as you reach the higher Tiers you unlock units, upgrades and globals that can greatly improve your capturing potency.

For example: In Tier 2, Warp Spider Exarch gains access to the Shimmer Orb, which helps capturing by negating enemy ranged attacks. Chaos Heretics can build shrines, which will nicely support your troops when you are holding position. Lord Commissar unlocks Air Dropped Mines, a global that shines at delaying captures.
In Tier 3, Tyranids can build a unit that excels at lone capturing: the Lictor.
Nukes (Eldritch Storm, Orbital Bombardment), also available in Tier 3, are great to prevent captures.

End of part three. Next time starts the advanced section of the guide: we'll see how to fight with and correctly position capturing units. Thank you for reading.

Check out part 1 and part 2 of the guide.

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