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Capping Guide Part 4

By Asmon - 19th December 2012 - 16:26 PM

Dawn of War 2: Retribution is a game about capturing points on the battlefield. Generally speaking, players call the capture mechanism capping and to capture is abbreviated to cap.

This is the fourth part of the guide.

Advanced - Part 1

The tips of this section are advanced. You must master them in order to play Dawn of War 2: Retribution at a high level.

Fighting while capturing

As previously mentioned, while capturing a unit stands still, does not rotate and loses its melee responsiveness. To maximize a unit's combat efficiency while it is capturing is consequently a matter of ranged damage and ability usage.

How to maximize ranged damage: When they are capturing, you may observe that single entities have a narrow cone in front of them that I will call detection cone wherein enemies are indeed detected and targeted. You must learn to reckon where this cone will be located when you send a single entity to capture.

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That's what I call a backshot!

To correctly position your capturing units is decisive in the first minutes of the game, since the number of squads is low while the points to capture are many. The basic rule is to always capture while looking at the direction in which the enemy is or should arrive.

How to rotate capturing units
Aim at the point with your cursor. Do a continuous right click to make a blue arrow appear, then rotate it towards the direction you want. Instantly after this, demand the capture.

Squads are harder to back-shoot than single entities. Indeed, while capturing, every member of a squad is not always looking into the same direction, and in consequence has its own detection cone. Yet, low-member-count squads (such as Tactical Marines) always have a large blind spot and so can be easily back-shot. Against high-member-count squads (such as Termagants), try to at least escape from the fire of a couple of models.

How to use abilities: You will likely use them to make captures successful. However, you must be aware that most abilities are accompanied by animations executed by the caster. When the animation makes the unit move, it will usually stop any capture.

The abilities that can be used without interrupting a capture are listed here:

Space Marines: Force Commander's Battlecry, Iron Halo, Defense, Sprint; Techmarine's Refractor Field, Powerful Sweep, Plasma Gun Overcharge; Apothecary's Advanced Healing; Librarian's Quickening; Tactical Marines' Kraken Bolt, And They Shall Know No Fear.

Eldar: Fleet of Foot; Warlock's Psychic Shield, Cloaking Shroud, Ethereal Slash, Providence; Farseer's Spiritual Rites; Warp Spider Exarch's Heavy Gauge Filament; Guardians' Embolden; Howling Banshees' War Shout; Autarch's Shield; Wraithguards' Wraithbone.

IPB Image

Can I stomp deez shiny elda' while I cap? Yeeeesss Boyz!

Ork: Waaagh!!!; Warboss' Stomp, Big Stomp; Mekboy's Electric Shock, Kustom Force Field; Slugga Boyz' Swamp 'Em; Nobz' Frenzy; Weirdboy's Warpath.

Chaos Space Marines: Chaos Lord's Kill The Weak, Dark Halo; Plague Champion's Breath of Nurgle, Unholy Stench; Chaos Heretics' Doomblast; Noise Marines' Cacophony.

Imperial Guard: Lord Commissar's shield; Lord General's Move! Move! Move!, Fire on my Target!, Fight Harder!, Stand Firm, Back in the Fight!, Incoming!, Refractor Field; Inquisitor's Purgatus, Conversion Field, Impenetrable; Sentinel's Stomp does not interrupt de-capturing; Ogryns' Use Yer 'Ead.

Tyranids: Hive Tyrant's Seismic Roar, Warp Field, Psychic Scream, Invulnerability; Ravener Alpha's Corrosive Shot, Fleet Of Claw, Toxic Miasma; Lictor Alpha's Toxic Burst, Pheromone Cloud; Genestealers' Adrenal Rush; Zoanthrope's Warp Field.

Some of these abilities can not only be useful for the capturing unit itself but also for nearby squads (for example: Force Commander's Defense, Weirdboy's Warpath).

In addition, you must know that:
  • Stealth abilities do not interrupt capturing; infiltrated units remain invisible while de-capturing but reveal themselves while capturing, as said before.
  • To repair interrupts capturing.
  • Reinforcements and upgrades do not interrupt capturing.
  • Globals that target allied units (such as Chaos Lord's Bloodlust, Warlock's Swift Movement) do not interrupt capturing.

Capture and positioning

When a unit of yours is capturing, you should always optimize its positioning. For a single entity, the one thing to do is to adjust the detection cone. For squads and mostly high-member-count squads, you can do more.

IPB Image

Superb range, nice damage, awesome area of effect on hit, and can target ground: the Fireprism will allow no one to capture, unless it is resilient to weapon knockback.

The main thing to focus on is that no matter how numerous the members of a squad are, a capture is always made by a single entity. Therefore when a squad is capturing, in reality it is a specific member of the squad that is doing so (and he will henceforth be called the capturer). The capturer has to stay close to the point, but the remaining squad members can move at will. Thus, by very quickly alternating move and capture commands, you can make all the squad members but the capturer move as you want them to, without interrupting the capture too much.

The squad configuration is critical when you are capturing under attack. Depending on what the attacks consist of, you should spread the members of the squad, draw them closer or even have all of them but the capturer standing quite far from the point. All of this can be done by double clicking; once for moving, once for capturing. The best example of good squad configuration: Eldar Guardians capturing behind a shield, enjoying 100% ranged damage reduction.

Be careful: if your clicking is too slow, the capturer role can switch from a model to another within the squad, and this may create an unexpected squad configuration.

This is the end of part four. Next time I'll discuss capture prevention and harassment. Thank you for reading.

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