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GameReplays.org Reveals Exclusive Footage of new Dawn of War 2 Features

By L.A.G - 20th June 2009 - 00:56 AM

Relic Entertainment recently extended an offer to GameReplays.org. They requested that we send someone on an all-expenses paid trip to the Relic offices in Vancouver, Canada to playtest the brand new features of their new There Is Only War update for Dawn of War 2 and to use the recently revealed observer mode and replay tools added into the game to produce the first-ever shoutcast and VoD of the new patch. We at GameReplays.org are therefore extremely proud to bring you this Videocast in all its HD glory!

Commentated on and compiled by our resident cast-guru - Senior Game Commentator Bentguru - the replay used is a curious hybrid of two eras. Featuring the brand new replay and observer featured but added into the current 1.3 retail version of the game, the cast showcases all of the fantastic additions Relic have given us free reign to reveal and explain to you all! With commentary on the new features provided by the ever-present vocal talents of Bentguru and a crystal clear visual representation of some of the additions we can look for this summer, this ground-breaking exclusive is a must-watch for anyone with more than a passing interest in Dawn of War 2.

For those of you who were as curious as we were about the full details of the trip made by Bentguru, we interviewed him upon his return hoping desperately for some more information on his unique insight into the workings of version 1.4 and for some sneak peeks at whats in store for us all in the days to come!

Check out the full interview with Bentguru about his pilgrimage to Relic on our behalf!

While his hands are tied a little at this time, as further information is made public Bentguru will be able to talk more openly about his experiences and thoughts upon playing the new update before it goes into public Beta in early-July. Keep your attention right here on the Dawn of War 2 portal where we'll bring you all the updates from both Relic and the insights of our pilgrim himself as they become public! Exciting times are afoot for all Dawn of War 2 fans and we'll be perfectly placed to keep you up-to-date on all those changes right here!

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