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GameReplays Open Season #1 Format

By blaqk - 17th March 2011 - 05:35 AM


All tournaments will take place from Friday to Sunday on a biweekly basis. Individual rules will be formatted for each event.

Tournament A: March 25th to 27th

Tournament B: April 8th to 10th

Tournament C: April 29th to May 1st

Tournament D: May 13th to May 15th

Tournament E: May 27th to 29th

Grand Final: June 17th through 19th

Overall Format
Tournaments A-E, in addition to serving as independently standing events, also provide a proving ground for the invitational 16 player Grand Finals. In addition to the prizes for the each tournament, players will earn points that will both help rank and select players for competition in the Grand Finals.

Point System
Based on performance in the five tournaments, players will be ranked in a cumulative points system to determine who receives invites to the Grand Finals. A running list will be pinned in a General Discussion thread. Following the conclusion of Tournament E, the top players will receive invitations to the GROS 1 Grand Finals. Ties will be settled by a best of three match. Point allocation will work as follows:

1st Place- 201 points; invite to GROS 1 Grand Finals
2nd Place- 100 points
3rd-4th Place- 51 points
5th-8th Place- 26 points
9th-16th Place- 14 points

Registration and Rule Lists
A registration thread will open on the Wednesday the week before the event, and close the Wednesday before the event itself. Rules will be posted along with the registration thread. Brackets will be posted on the Thursday before the event.

$25 per Tournament A through E victory (1st place). For GROS 1 Grand Finals:
1st Place- $100
2nd Place- $50
3rd Place- $25

Players will be expected to both read and adhere to the stated rules for each tournament. Failure to comply will result in punitive action from the GameReplays tournament administration team. All decisions made by referees are final and non negotiable.