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GROS #1 Tournament A Rules

By blaqk - 17th March 2011 - 05:36 AM

GROS #1 Tournament A Rules

Date and Time
Friday, March 25th at 5PM EST (22:00 CET)- Round of 128
Saturday, March 26th at 11AM EST (16:00 CET)- Round of 64, 32, and 16
Sunday, March 27th at 11AM EST (17:00 CET)- Round of 8,4, and finals

Run Time
Each round is anticipated to last roughly an hour and a half with the exception of the final. A fifteen minute break between rounds should be factored into calculations of when the tournament will conclude each day. Please plan accordingly.

Players wishing to participate must be registered GameReplays users and must submit both their Steam name and a contact email address (optional) in the registration thread for the purpose of organizing games and issuing reminders. One must also join two Steam groups, one for general chat and organizing games and one for official mediation. If registered, it is assumed that one has already checked both dates and times to ensure that one can participate, and that one agrees to the terms listed in this rules document.

Tournament Format
The rounds of 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, and 4 will all be played in a best of 3 format. The finals will consist of a best of five match.

Map Selection
The first map of a best of three match will be Outer Reaches, Green Tooth Gorge, or Siwal Frontier. Each player has an exercisable veto with these three maps for the first game, so that one of the three will be selected as the first map. First choice is awarded to the player in the top bracket slot. Following the results of the game, the loser chooses the map from the automatch pool, with the winner holding the power to veto a single map. If the series proceeds to a third game, the same procedure of loserís choice that was employed in the second game is followed. The best of five finals will follow the same procedure as the best of three matches. Maps are not to be replayed unless both parties are agreeable. It is the responsibility of the players to adhere to the rules of map selection, and series will not be replayed after they have been completed.

Hero/Race Selection
For each game in a match, the player who nominates a map must select his/her race and hero first, with the other player to follow. This process continues throughout a match, so that the advantage of selecting a map is offset by the ability to alter one's race/hero choice.

-Victory Condition: Victory Point Control
- Number of Tickets: 500
- Starting Location: Random
- Starting Resources: Standard

No observers are allowed in any matches, with the exception of a GameReplays staff member actively participating in the administration of the tournament. A further exception exists for GameReplays sanctioned casters.

The following are the GameReplays licensed casters for this event. If requested, one is required to allow them to observe and cast oneís match. No other casters will be allowed to commentate other than those approved by GameReplayís tournament staff. In the event of any issues regarding lag or personnel, contact a tournament administrator.

Win Reporting and Replay Submission
The victor of a match must as soon as possible do two things: notify the tournament staff of the victory in the official administration channel and send an email in the proper format to gr.gros.staff@gmail.com containing all of the replays from the series. Submitters are asked to include the names of both players and the round of the match in the subject line of the email. Tournament replays are not to be uploaded to the GameReplays replay system or shared with any outside party under penalty of disqualification and restriction from participating in GameReplays events for six months. All replays will be organized, sorted, and uploaded in bulk to the GameReplays replay system following the conclusion of the event.

A bracket will be announced on Thursday, March 24th.

In the event of a disconnect, three possible courses of action will unfold:
  1. If both players agree, the map will be replayed.
  2. If both players agree on a clear victor due to an overwhelming advantage gained before the drop, the game can be counted as a victory and the match can proceed.
  3. In the event that both players cannot agree on either replaying the map or awarding a victor, the staff must be contacted in the tournament administration Steam chat to arbitrate a decision based upon the replay evidence provided and circumstances surrounding the drop.
Steam Chats and Match Organization
As previously mentioned, two Steam groups will be set up for this event, the general chat and the administrative chat. To participate, one must join both and be present in BOTH chats no later than 15 minutes before matches begin. Players will be expected to confer with the bracket and use the chat to organize matches with opponents. In the event that a difficulty arises with getting a series started, please contact an official via the administrative Steam chat. If one is not present in the chats, one will be passed over when the time comes to play and the opponent will be given a default win. This decision is final and non negotiable.

Absence Rule
If one misses a match without alerting the tournament staff in advance, one will be barred from competition in the next three GROS tournaments. If one becomes aware that one will be unable to make a match, an email, pm, or Steam message to blaqk will sufficiently take care of the matter and prevent any disciplinary action.

Game breaking bugs and exploits are not to be used under penalty of disqualification. Any problems concerning the use of exploits should be directed in advance to blaqk via pm or during the event to the tournament administrators.

Referees and Rules
In the event of any disagreements, please consult a tournament administrator via the correct steam chat. The decisions of the GameReplays tournament staff are final and non-negotiable. Failure to adhere to any of the rules, which by registering one has consented to read and follow, will result in disciplinary action.