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GROS #1 Tournament D Brackets and Player Checklist

By 5*General - 13th May 2011 - 09:22 AM

Start Times

•Round of 64 starts Saturday, May 14th at 11AM EST (17:00 CET)
•Round of 8 starts Sunday, May 15th at 11AM EST (17:00 CET)

Player Check-in and Absence Policy

Participants need to be in both the General and Administrative team chats at least fifteen minutes prior to the specified start times. You will be expected to remain in those chats throughout your stay in the tournament. As a word of advice, join those Steam groups now, so that you do not come across any problems later on.

In the event that you will not be able to make your match or matches, email blaqk gr.gros.staff@gmail.com as soon as possible, explaining your situation. Take nothing for granted and make sure you get that email off, because that is the only thing standing between you and the wrath of our absence policy at that point.

Failure to show up to matches without notifying blaqk WILL result in you being banned from participating in the next three GameReplays Open Season tournaments. This may appear harsh, but we are fully aware of the no-show issue that has plagued Dawn of War 2 competitive play for quite some time now, and we seek to stop that problem. Remember, if you find out that you cannot participate, email blaqk gr.gros.staff@gmail.com ASAP.

Map and Hero Selection

First Map Pool: Siwal Frontier, Green Tooth Gorge, or Calderis Refinery.

See ibfreeekout's brief walkthrough on the matter and read the rules for the proper procedure.

Accommodating Staff and Casters

The following are the GameReplays licensed casters for this event. If requested, participants must allow them to observe and cast the match. No other casters will be allowed to commentate other than those approved by GameReplays’ tournament staff. In the event of any issues regarding lag or personnel, contact a tournament administrator to resolve the matter.
•5*General (aka [UCF] TerranUp16)
•Lord Lokgar (aka Lokgar.iccup)
•BobTheDespoiler (aka |G.H.G|BobTheDespoiler)
•Kami (D2L)
•shugyosha (reporter)

Clarification on GROS Policy Towards Ability Bug:

First, let me briefly explain the effects of the bug (we will NEVER discuss how to execute an exploit)- various abilities can be cast with immediate energy and cooldown refund. This allows for the Lord General to spam Medkits, the Apothecary to spam Heals, Assault Space Marines to spam Merciless Strike, etc... It's obviously an unintended exploit which Relic has already been made aware of (and supposedly there is a fix in the works for the next patch which we can only assume will not be here until next week the earliest).

So this DOES fall under our gamebreaking bug/exploit clause in the GROS rules, and if you are caught leveraging this exploit then you will be punished accordingly. And yes, we will be putting some feet on the ground to help deal with this issue, and we will be checking suspicious replays (so if you feel your opponent displayed some fishy behavior... finish the match, but let our referees know immediately after and we'll do what we can to investigate). We'd like to ask everyone to keep an eye out, and to display both good judgment and sportsmanship.

Rest of the Rules

The official rules are located here. They have been tweaked since their original posting, so be sure to look over them again. They cover in more detail what was covered above, as well as run time, format, settings, disconnects, bans, and refs.

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