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PC Gamer Retribution Tyranid Campaign Preview

By 5*General - 18th October 2010 - 20:19 PM

The preview reveals some of what we already know, but there are some nuggets and enhancements in here as well. Notably, the article spills the beans on Tyranid unit production methods. The Hive Tyrant/Swarmlord (see EgonSpengler's clarification below for the "why" on the "/") can use energy to spawn Hormagaunts or Termagaunts in the field, and capturable outposts sound like the primary production method for the rest of the swarm (ostensibly for Hormagaunts and Termagaunts as well).

That sounds a bit like what Orks have available to them, but PC Gamer also felt confident in tossing out a figure- 140. 140 Hormagaunts, 140 population, 140 squads of Hormagaunts... they left unspecified, but even if it is 140 population, that still exceeds what is available in multiplayer. Don't expect Hormagaunt counts to go toe-to-toe with Zergling counts, but Dawn of War 2 has proven it has plenty more low-level depth and renders each unit in far more detail, so that more than makes up for the disparity. Furthering this is an apparent emphasis on disposable units- the article is persistent in explaining that Tyranid forces in the campaign can be rebuilt quickly, allowing players to adapt their army composition to meet ever-changing threats. Thus far, it sounds like Tyranid fans will be well-pleased by this "proper" implementation of the race.

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The preview also goes on to talk a bit more about the persistent unlocks and gear. Besides being able to switch-up Hive Tyrant/Swarmlord gear (which also seems to control what units the Hive Tyrant/Swarmlord can spawn- this sounds rather akin to the Hive Tyrant in Last Stand), there also appears to be an "Army Builder". This seems to be a secondary component to the persistent wargear, and apparently is a method to persistently unlock units for purchase on the field, allowing players to determine what units they get to control instead of game designers deciding. Topping this off, the end mission rewards offer a choice between wargear, new units, or upgrades to existing units. While the preview didn't touch on this, it might be safe to assume that many of the mechanics mentioned here will be featured in the Ork (and other) Retribution campaign(s) as well.

The preview finishes up by noting that Relic have now announced three campaigns- Ork, Eldar, and Tyranid. The preview confirms that each campaign will be at least fifteen missions in length (roughly the length of the Chaos Rising campaign), and there will be at least four campaigns (meaning at least one remains to be unveiled).

EgonSpengler (aka Jeff Lydell) wanted to note that the article has some inaccuracies:

Yes, it is the Swarm Lord.

The PC Gamer article has a few inaccuracies, you command the Hive Tyrant as your commander, the Swarm Lord comes later.Source: EgonSpengler

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