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Relic to Unleash Dark Angels DLC

By 5*General - 31st March 2011 - 15:58 PM

Today Relic has announced that on April 6th they will be releasing downloadable content for Dawn of War 2: Retribution. Specifically, they're giving the community something that has long been requested- another Space Marine chapter. Sure, those already exist through paint schemes, but really they're just the same old Space Marines with a different paint scheme and a different badge. With this DLC, Relic will be offering something quite different.

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The Dark Angels Pack will include modified Space Marine models and an updated paint scheme. The modified models include the Force Commander (modified so much that he actually becomes a Dark Angels Company Master), Tactical Marines, Scout Squad, Assault Marine Squad, Terminators, and vehicles (ostensibly Dreadnought, Predator, and Land Raider). What makes this DLC different from existing community mods is that it is compatible with multiplayer, and thus everyone will see your Dark Angels.

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The downside to all this is that the pack will retail for a suggested $7.50 USD. For a cosmetic pack, this may seem a tad expensive to some, particularly considering the comparatively great deal given on campaign wargear. However, a full Space Marine chapter, particularly when you look at the work Relic has put into it, is no small piece of horse armor. As well, these Dark Angels will run you quite a bit less than actual Dark Angel miniatures, so that might also be a purchasing consideration.

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As well, we might do well to consider the free Last Stand downloadable content. Relic seems to be mimicking Tripwire's method of releasing content for Killing Floor, where Tripwire typically have released a free map pack or weapon set or etc. alongside paid character models, skins, etc... It may actually be quite an ingenious solution to the problem of how to provide long-term support to multiplayer games without charging a subscription or destroying gameplay. Hell, even Team Fortress 2 has hats. Long story short, even if you're not chomping at the bit to go purge the Fallen with your shiny Dark Angels, this downloadable content could be welcome news indeed.

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We don't know if there will be more Space Marine chapters coming, or Chaos legions, or multiplayer freebootaz, or Craftworlds, or Imperial Guard regiments, or... we're sure Tyranids could get something that wouldn't involve them getting aesthetically shafted again... But we can say that the Dark Angels were the first legion created by the Emperor, and we wouldn't be surprised to see Relic play emperor.

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Repent! For tomorrow you die!

AGOURA HILLS, Calif. March 31, 2011 – THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI) today announced that owners of Warhammer® 40,000®: Dawn of War® II - Retribution™ will soon be able to purchase a custom Dark Angels Space Marine chapter for use in multiplayer.

The Dark Angels Pack adds the iconic Space Marine chapter to the game with eight unique models for the major multiplayer units as well as new color schemes for the others. The Force Commander is replaced by a Dark Angels Company Master complete with winged helmet, the Tactical Marine squad all sport the iconic Dark Angels robes. Additionally, the Scout Squad, Assault Marine Squad and Terminators all receive similar chapter-specific revisions. The Space Marine vehicles also get a visual makeover with this DLC pack, adding custom designs and emblems to differentiate them from the standard vehicles.

The Dark Angels Pack for Warhammer® 40,000®: Dawn of War® II - Retribution™ is scheduled to be available for download on Steam, the THQ E-Shop and select digital retailers on 6 April for a suggested price of $7.50.

About Retribution
It is ten years since the events of Chaos Rising and Sub-Sector Aurelia has been in a constant state of warfare with the Imperium struggling to retain control. The apparent betrayal of the chapter by Gabriel Angelos and his Space Marines has shaken the Blood Ravens and now the Imperial forces are beset on all sides by hostile aliens. Retribution allows the player to select the race of their choosing in a battle to determine the very survival or destruction of the entire sector. In addition to the multi race single player campaign, Dawn of War II - Retribution also features new multiplayer units, maps and an entire new playable faction.

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