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Requisition: Everything You Need to Know

By Rokco - 19th September 2012 - 19:34 PM

Requisition, or 'req' for short, is a basic resource for purchasing units in Dawn of War 2. Without any upkeep, 264 requisition will be collected per minute from the base. Extra requisition can be earned by capturing and controlling requisition points across the map.

Some units in game cost only requisition to build, such as the starting two units of every army, and some Tier 2 units.

Requisition can be considered the most important resource in the game, because it is needed to buy every unit, every unit upgrade, repurchasing a hero after they have fallen, reinforcing every squad and building power nodes and generators to gain additional power.

In Team Battle and Two on Two, all players gain the full benefits of a requisition point being capped by their team, not just the player who capped it.

Maturing Requisition Points

Requisition points mature over time meaning the longer a requisition point is held onto the more requisition it will produce per minute.

Requisition points provide a different amount of requisition per minute in different game modes. For example, in Team Battle each requisition points grant less requisition per minute than in Two on Two and far less than Head to Head. This is compensated by the fact that Team Battle has more points on the map than Head to Head.

In Head to Head, fully matured requisition points provide an extra 30 requisition per minute, while fully unmatured grant only 10 extra requisition per minute. In Two on Two fully matured grants 20 requisition per minute while unmatured grants 7, and in Team Battle fully matured grants 15 while unmatured grants only 5 requisition per minute.

It takes 20 seconds for a requisition point to mature and requisition points mature four times to become fully matured, meaning it takes 1 minute 20 seconds to fully mature a requisition point.

Head to Head

10 (fully unmatured) > 15 > 20 > 25 > 30 (fully matured).

Two on Two

7 (fully unmatured) > 10 > 13 > 17 > 20 (fully matured)

Team Battle

5 (fully unmatured) > 7 > 10 > 12 > 15 (fully matured)


Upkeep is a mechanic that affects how much requisition you will receive per minute depending on the number and type of units you have on the field at a given time. If depends on both population and what units you have built.

Armies start with an upkeep of 0 and it will stay at 0 as long as your army does not exceed 30 population. Once you go over 30 population you get a requisition per minute reduction based on the upkeep of the most expensive and elite units you have.

Availability of Requisition

Tier 1

Requisition is widely available in Tier 1 and armies often times have excess requisition in the beginning of the game. This is due to no or very little upkeep because of having population of 30 or less. Without any upkeep, your base will provide 264 requisition per minute as well as starting the game with 500 requisition. This requisition is for building starting, requisition-only units and generators to produce power.

Tier 2

In Tier 2 requisition becomes less abundant as you purchase more and more elite units. This extra upkeep damages requisition income.

Tier 3

Requisition is usually hard to come by in Tier 3. This is due to a large army full of expensive or elite units as well as the fact that the starting, requisition-only units will have been reinforcing throughout the game, leading to a requisition drain.

Economic Harassment

Requisition points are some of the most fought over points on the map and may change hands many times in a game. This is because capping squads such as Space Marine Scouts will be used to harass the opponent by decapping and capping requisition points, both inhibiting the opponent and benefiting the player.

Below will show you how damaging it is to an opponents economy by harassing their requisition in the form of decapping their requisition points. Requisition is lost due to the fact that the opponent must take time recapping a point, during which time they will receive no extra requisition from that point. Requisition is also lost becasue after a point has been recapped the player must wait for it to mature fully again.

Head to Head

20(10/60)= 3.3
15 = 5
20 = 6.7
25 = 8.3
30 = 10 Fully mature
This calculates how much requisition is gained in 20 seconds (the time it takes a point to mature) in each maturity level.

3.3 + 5 + 6.7 + 8.3 = 23.3
Total requisition gained in the 80 seconds that a point is maturing.

10 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 40
Total gained if a requisition point was fully matured for 80 seconds.

20(30/60) = 10
Requisition lost for having to recap the point which takes 20 seconds. Done at max maturity since the loss to get to max is already calculated.

You end up losing about 27 requisition every time a requisition point is decapped. This doesn't include the time it takes for a unit to get to the point to start capping. If a unit doesn't recap the point soon, much more requisition would be lost

Two on Two

7 = 2.3
10 = 3.3
13 = 4.3
17 = 5.7
20 = 6.7

2.3 + 3.3 + 4.3 + 5.7 = 15.6
6.7 + 6.7 + 6.7 + 6.7 = 26.8
20(20/60) = 6.7 requisition lost for having to recap the point.

Approximately 18 requisition is lost every time a requisition point is decapped and then recapped.

Team Battle

5 = 1.7
7 = 2.3
10 = 3.3
12 = 4
15 = 5

1.7 + 2.3 + 3.3 + 4 = 11.3
5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 20
20(15/60) = 5 requisition lost for having to recap the point.

You end up losing about 14 requisition every time a requisition point is decapped and then recapped.

You will also lose the following should you not recap the requestion point immediately -

Head to Head

30/60 = 0.5 req lost per second

Two on Two

20/60 = 0.3 req lost per second

Team Battle

15/60 = 0.25 req lost per second

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