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Retribution Buyers' Guide

By 5*General - 7th January 2011 - 07:56 AM

Retribution's launch may not be for another couple of months, but that just means it's time to consider preorders. Yesterday THQ unveiled the full range and pricing of preorder options for Dawn of War 2: Retribution. We here at GameReplays wanted to take some time to walk you through all of these options to help you decide which is right for you- if you plan on preordering at all, that is.

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Let's start with Retribution itself and what it alone brings to the table:
  1. The fancy box art seen above
  2. New multiplayer race- Imperial Guard
  3. New unit for every existing faction:
  4. New campaign with six variants- one tailored for each race
  5. New multiplayer maps
  6. New Last Stand content
  7. No Games for Windows Live
  8. Steamworks:
Well, those are the things we know of anyway. The list is quite big and rather juicy, and to our current knowledge has no overlap with what will be patched into the existing game. On the multiplayer side of things, Retribution is ditching Games for Windows Live, and in doing so it is forced to make a clean break from the previous two Dawn of War 2 entries. Retribution owners will not be able to play with players who only own Dawn of War 2 and/or Chaos Rising. Thus, you shouldn't be planning to make your decision on whether to buy Retribution or not on your like of singleplayer or the new race as you might have with Chaos Rising (although this particular writer frowns on those who failed to support Chaos Rising for those reasons if they enjoyed the other additions that Chaos Rising brought to the vanilla game). Also, if you enjoy multiplayer at all, Retribution is probably going to be a must-buy.

So now you know what Retribution is bringing to the table. What options do you have for picking it up?

To start, you have your basic $29.99 (all prices given in USD and US value; prices elsewhere may differ) for the above-mentioned product with the above box art. But THQ has a few extra editions for those who preorder electronically, and they all come with extras... for no extra price. These are the race packs, and they contain both Retribution and extra campaign wargear for the chosen race. Not to mention snazzy cover art, but they're digital.

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The Space Marine Race Pack

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  • Holy Axe of the Honor Guard - This unique two handed power axe increases your defense against enemy attacks
  • Armor of the Martyr - Attacks upon Diomedes heal allied units around him
  • Chant of the Righteous - Enemies attacking Diomedes lower the cooldown timer on his abilities
  • Helm of the Veteran - Increases the health and armor of the character that equips it
Availability: All digital retailers (US/UK confirmed)

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The Ork Race Pack

IPB Image
  • Kan Opener - Your attacks now have a chance to disable enemy vehicles
  • Angry Armor - Enemy attacks on the Warboss increase the damage he does
  • Lucky Teef - When your Warboss kills an enemy, friendly units in the surrounding area gain energy
  • Supa Flashy Boss Rack - Your Warboss now gains the benefits of both a boss pole and a trophy rack
Availability: Steam (US/UK confirmed)

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The Eldar Race Pack

IPB Image
  • Spear of the Ynnead - Attacks upon the enemy can now confuse them and cause them to attack each other
  • Guile of the Cegorach - The death of allied units now increases the chance of you entering an enraged state that increases your speed and damage
  • Runes of Wisdom - Lowers the energy cost of using abilities
  • Helm of the War Host - Your hero gains immunity to knock back and suppression
Availability: All digital retailers (US/UK confirmed)

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The Tyranid Race Pack

IPB Image
  • Venomous Talons - Attacks upon the enemy now have a guaranteed chance to stun and poison them for a short duration
  • Poisonous Cysts - After taking a fixed amount of melee damage your Swarmlord will now spray a poison cloud that damages your enemies
  • Shadow in the Warp - When hit you now convert some of that damage to energy to power your abilities
  • Warp Field - Calls forth an energy shield to protect your character from damage
Availability: THQ Store (US/UK confirmed)

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The Chaos Race Pack

IPB Image
  • Skull Breaker - Hits on the enemy with this weapon have the chance to cause an explosive area of effect attack
  • Armor of the Immortal - Gain the protection of an invulnerability shield when your character is critically injured
  • Herald of the Warp - Equipping this item significantly lowers your ability cooldown timers
  • Mark of Chaos Favor - Your character gains the benefits of chaos god worship from all the dark gods
Availability: All digital retailers (US/UK confirmed)

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The Imperial Guard Race Pack

IPB Image
  • The Emperor's Executioners - Instantly kill infantry units with less than a fifth of their health remaining
  • Blessed Carapace of Resolve - Friendly units within the area gain increased damage resistance
  • Honorifica Imperialis - Friendly units within the area have their ability cooldowns reduced
  • Helm of the Distinguished Imperial Officer - Friendly units within the area are healed and have their energy restored when you kill an enemy
Availability: All digital retailers (US/UK confirmed)

If you're happy with a digital copy and picking just one favorite race (or don't care about the content but don't mind getting something for free), one of those will probably float your boat. As well, if you've got a second race you really like and you want to get the special wargear for its campaign too, THQ will be putting all the packs on Steam post-release as paid DLC (or whatever they call it these days). Even for a few races that might work ok. But maybe you just can't decide. Or maybe you're looking for just a few extra goodies. Well my friends, THQ has that covered too. Say hello to the:

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Collector's Edition

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  • Collector's Edition box
  • Retribution game with standard packaging
  • Poster
  • Six race art cards
  • In-game content card usable to unlock all six race packs
Availability: Exclusive to the THQ Store (non-digital, you will have to pay tax and shipping; confirmed US/UK for availability)

The Collector's Edition is the definitive edition, and it comes with the expected premium (an extra $10, so $39.99 instead of $29.99). Besides the in-game content (and if you want it for all races, this seems to be the best, most reliable way to get it; no clue yet on pricing for the post-release DLC), the poster can be proudly displayed in your gaming room to declare it to be a place of awesomeness, and the art cards are a good excuse to get creative and find other ways to display your love of Dawn of War 2.

Now, there is one final option, but it is even more expensive and seems to only be confirmed for the UK currently. But it just might fit the bill for some of you, and it may come over the pond yet:

Complete Collection

IPB Image
  • Dawn of War 2: Game of the Year Edition
  • Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising
  • Dawn of War 2: Retribution
  • Collector's box (different from the Retribution Collector's Edition box)
Availability: Exclusive to the THQ Store (non-digital, UK)

The Complete Collection is supposed to go for 49.99 (ok, one price isn't in USD, but such a USD price does not exist for the item yet). To quickly clarify, all UK prices are numerically equivalent to all USD prices listed- actual value of course varies, but point is if there were a US version it would likely be $49.99 USD. For all three Dawn of War 2 games, this sounds like a great bargain for anyone new to the game. Dawn of War 2: Gold, which includes Dawn of War 2 and Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising, is currently going for $39.99. Since Retribution costs no less than $29.99, that's almost a $20 saving. However, the version of Retribution included in the collection does not seem to contain any race pack. But it does get a really snazzy box- THQ should totally offer the box as downloadable-to-your-doorstep content.

Some other considerations for the Complete Collection are that Retribution will provide the complete multiplayer experience- neither Dawn of War 2 nor Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising will be needed for that. The only true incentives for Dawn of War 2 and Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising then are the singleplayer campaign components. Those can certainly be worth the price of admission, and you'll need to decide if they are. What is ironic about this though is that the collection lacks the race packs for Retribution, as the race packs only influence singleplayer which anyone who gets the Complete Collection will obviously be interested in. Nonetheless, still a good buy if you're new to Dawn of War 2, and if you want the full experience, it's still available from Steam later.

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