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Retribution Tyranid Campaign Reveal

By 5*General - 17th October 2010 - 22:59 PM

The Tyranid reveal brings much to be excited about, and much to speculate about. With only a trailer having found its way onto the internet from German Gamesday, not much is known about the campaign itself. We know the premise- those pesky Tyranids your powerful Space Marines crushed in Dawn of War 2 have been left alone, as the Hive Fleet seemed to have been crushed. Without going into detail, the trailer reveals the Tyranids are still a threat, and they plan to, "Return, Destroy, Consume". Relic stated during Dawn of War 1 days that they could not do the race justice in that game, and many have questioned whether Dawn of War 2 has done them justice. This campaign will further test that, but also give Relic a chance to offer Tyranid fans an experience that just doesn't fit into Dawn of War 2 multiplayer.

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Now for the speculation. The video screen capture above looks nice and Tyranid-y, but upon closer inspection... well, just what is that monster on the right side? It's wielding at least one Bonesword, which would suggest it is not a Carnifex (as a Carnifex is not a synapse creature, thus should be unable to wield the psychic blade). At the same time, it doesn't quite look like a Hive Tyrant. Visually, it looks like some sort of Hive Tyrant and Carnifex hybrid. There is some discussion it could even be a Swarmlord. Something new, something that is a result of wargear... we don't know, but it is definitely something we haven't seen before in Dawn of War 2.

In the same screencap, there are some Hormagaunts to the left of the new unit that are moving incredibly fast. In the still, that isn't immediately visible because... well, it's a still. The video makes it clear just how fast they're moving. But also, speed-trails are seen behind the Hormagaunts. These visual trails are usually only seen behind charging melee units, or units using Fleet of Foot (or some other speed-boosting ability or global). With no visible enemies, the purpose of the the streaks seems to not be melee charge, so this is something new for Hormagaunts. Campaign-only, how, why, what, etc... all remain to be answered.

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Despite the Tyranid focus, Eldar have something new to contemplate as well. In some ways, this could well be a fair bit more interesting as well, for having this potentially new unit appear in the Tyranid campaign trailer seems to mean that it is likely to appear in multiplayer as well. In the screencap above, there are a bunch of Guardians, and then an Eldar unit that clearly stands out with wings, a cape, and a sword. What is it? Quite a good chance it could be an Eldar Autarch. Otherwise, a Swooping Hawk leader/campaign boss/hero might be another route. Still, the Autarch seems to make the most sense, based on Games Workshop art for Autarchs. The questions that brings up, if it is an Autarch and it is in multiplayer... Will this new unit take on the role of a unique unit/mini-hero like the Weirdboy and Librarian did for the Orks and Space Marines, respectively, in Chaos Rising? Will the Autarch replace an existing Eldar hero? Or will the Autarch be a fourth Eldar hero? And if the Autarch is a fourth Eldar hero... will all factions get a fourth hero? That seems unlikely given that all Ork campaign heroes have been revealed and Relic had the perfect opportunity to integrate a fourth Ork hero into the mix there instead of Brikkfist the Stormboy Nob. Of course, Brikkfist could be a sham and Relic could be masterminds of deception, but that seems unlikely.

It's also possible that both of the above "new" units can be explained away by this-
The "leak" i'm referring to is;

"Players will also finally see the appearance of new armor models in-game multiplayer when each time buying armor (this will not change the entire armor set when upgraded, only alter it slightly)."

"Tyranid players, too, will be able to change their carapaces, blades, and exoskeletons."

It's probably just a coincidence. Right?
Source: Caeltos

Until Relic opens up more on what Retribution will bring to the table, we can only sit, wait, and speculate.

Tyranid Reveal Trailer

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