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TotW #10 - How to Read Dawn of War 2 Statistics

By BillGates91 - 22nd July 2009 - 21:52 PM

So you go to the DowCodex, and you look up the statistics on the Space Marine Assault Squad. Once you're there, you see this page all full of numbers and weird names such as Supp. Resist, Courage Regen, Courage, Rf. Requisition.

Well, fear no more! This tip of the week is here to help you figure out what Courage or Rf. Requisition means as well as everything else! So lets dig right into it shall we?

A breakdown of what everything means..

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Breakdown of this section

1. Health - Health, HP, etc..
2. Energy - For unit abilities, grenades, etc..
3. Courage - Once this number hits 0, the unit becomes suppressed.
4. Supp. Resistance or Suppression Resistance - This shows what % of suppression is disregarded.
5. Armor Type - Shows what armor the unit has, there are only 3 types of Infantry Armor: which are Infantry, Heavy_Infantry and Super_Heavy_Infantry which only Terminator squads have.
6. Requisition - How much the squad's build requisition costs.
7. Power - How much the squad's build power costs.
8. Upkeep - This is the cost you pay for having the unit on the field, not the squad, a squad consisting of 2 Assault Marines(25.6) is different then a squad consisting of 3 Assault Marines(38.4).
9. Rf. Requisition or Reinforce Requisition - The cost to reinforce a squad, per unit member.
10. Rf. Power or Reinforce Power - The cost to reinforce a squad per unit member.
11. Garrison Type - Indicates if the squad is able to garrison or not. Note - There are only two possible results of this category, which is Infantry if it can garrison or none if it can't garrison.
12. Combat Stance Indicates if the squad's primary stance is melee or ranged.

Upkeep doesn't tax power, only requisition!

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Breakdown of this section

13. Health Regen or Health Regeneration - How fast the squad heals on its own without any additional buffs.
14. Energy Regen or Energy Regeneration - How fast the squad regains its energy without additional buffs.
15. Courage Regen or Courage Regeneration - How fast the squad regains it courage without additional buffs.
16. Sight/Detect - 'Sight' is how far the squad can see/shoot and 'Detect' is the range a squad can spot infiltrated squads.
17. Unit Size - The size of the squad. There are only 3 types of unit sizes, small, medium and large. All commanders - except for the Warlock and Force Commander Terminator - have small as a unit size. The Commander Terminator and Warlock have medium unit size.
18. Build Time - How long it takes for the squad to be built.
19. Pop Cap - Pop Cap is there to limit the amount of units on the field so you have a more tactical battle. Pop Cap varies by squads, and certain squads cost more Pop Cap then other squads. A good rule of thumb: the tougher or more powerful a squad is, the more Pop Cap it costs.
20. Rf. Time or Reinforcement Time - How long it takes to reinforce a squad member.
21. Rf. Pop Cap or Reinforcement Pop Cap - How much each individual squad member costs in Pop Cap.
22. Can Retreat - Shows if a squad can retreat or not. An example of a squad that can't retreat are Terminators.
23. Capture Rate - Shows how fast a squad captures a point. 1 means normal capping rate while variances above or below indicate a faster or slower rate respectively.

So attack the DowCodex and be feared no more, now that you have the power of statistics reading!