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Tip of the Week #5 - Countering Warpspiders with the Waagh!

By DiMkA - 15th May 2009 - 22:15 PM

Dealing with Warpspiders as Orks

As we all know, Relic decided to buff the Warpspiders as they were considered to be underpowered due to their high cost and low damage output in the recent patch 1.2. Well, Relic did their job a little bit to well so the little Greenskins from the Ork T1 seem to automatically explode as soon as they see or even hear some Warpspiders. However, despite the huge problem this presents for Ork players there are some things that can be done to keep you in the fight.

First of all, your goal should be to prevent him from teching. Warpspiders are quite expensive with their current cost of 440 req and 40 power so you should aim to bash the enemy generators as often as possible and constantly. The perfect unit to do this is the Stikkbommaz squad as it will destroy a generator with one volley of grenades. Since Relic also raised the cost of the Guardian's Battle Gear upgrade, the Eldar player will have to spend a little more power on those upgrades and if he also wants to spend any resources on Wargear, you can be sure not to see Warpspiders that soon.

Make sure to tech to T2 as fast as possible because there are two units in T2 which will make it possible to fend off those pesky Warpspiders:
  • The Deff Dread. This thing can eat up to 4 Haywire Grenades if you're lucky and has enough power to harass your enemy heavily. The lack of good anti-vehicle weapons for the Eldar in T1 and 2 will buy you enough time to get to T3 faster than the Eldar player.
  • My beloved Wartrukk. It canít soak up as much damage as the Deff Dread but it will survive two Haywire Grenades most of the time. As itís not very expensive, you can build another Wartrukk or a Deff Dread soon after.
I still prefer the Deff Dread because it has flamethrowers with it's upgrade so it can burn the Xenos who thought they would be safe in a building. In addition, it can tear up those generators you want to have demolished pretty fast.

Nevertheless, there are other possibilities to save yourself from the Warpspiders apart from building those two units.
  • If you really can't afford to tech to T2, you can build Stormboyz. Yes, you have read it right - Stormboyz. It's the only T1 Ork unit apart from the Mekboy commander which can reach the Warpspiders fast. However, build them only if there's really no other way.
    First, you should make the Warpspiders Teleport, preferably by rushing a tanking unit such as the Warboss, as he can take a bit of damage. Right after they Teleport, use the Stormboyz' ''Jump'' ability and land on them. Warpspiders are no match for your boyz in melee so you will at least make them run.
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Da stormboss makes 'em run
  • The other possibility is to quickly tech to T3 for Nobz. They don't receive that much damage from the Warpspiders and will beat any other Eldar unit also. This is only possible if you have a really big power advantage but you should still build a T2 vehicle because your T1 units will be pushed off the field by Warpspiders.
Last but not least, I wanted to mention that you should never charge the Warpspiders with a Slugga boy squad or with Stikkbommaz - they will be ripped to pieces.

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Brothers in arms

The Warpspiders can be really deadly in the right hands and the Orks really feel the pain from having a capable player fielding them but you will be able to defend yourself if you follow these simple tips most of the time.

May the Dakka be with ya!

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