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Turkey Day is Eldar Day

By 5*General - 26th November 2010 - 05:14 AM

Almost two months ago Relic released a trailer revealing the existence of an Eldar campaign for Dawn of War 2: Retribution. Formally, little else had been said since. The closest to any additional details from Relic directly came from the Tyranid campaign reveal and preorder description. A recent issue of PC Gamer sports a sizable preview, but we cannot comment too much on that other than to say it did preface some of Relic's reveals today. Still, less was known about the Eldar campaign than the more recently-announced Tyranid campaign.

Today, that changed. Relic let loose not a nugget of information, but rather an aerial bombardment. Say hello to the Eldar Autarch Kayleth and her elite force.

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In her campaign incarnation, Kayleth is revealed to be a master warrior with an array of lethal abilities. Her combat prowess may well take backseat to her jumping capabilities- a particularly advanced jump, Skyleap, allows her to drop volleys of grenades beneath her while she flies to the target.

Meanwhile, Ronahn offers his services as a Pathfinder hero, a master of stealth and long-range warfare.

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Veldoran is a Warlock. Interestingly, his default ability is Immolate, which differs from the current multiplayer Warlock who starts with Destructor and can unlock Immolate only through wargear. Also new is a Siphon ability that drains health from nearby enemies and transfers it to Veldoran.

Elenwe is a Farseer, and as with Veldoran her default ability is different than the multiplayer counterpart. In this case, Guide has been exchanged for Spiritual Rites, reinforcing Elenwe's support role.

Relic ends the campaign hero overview with a quick glimpse at the storyline:
Prophecy guides the Eldar Campaign in Dawn of War II: Retribution. Opening the campaign is Kayleth on a mission to reach a human, a “Scion of the Emperor”, before the Ork savages that are patrolling the area. The Ork Freebooters are getting in the way of their mission, and must be dealt with.Source: Relic Dawn of War 2 Blog

Small a reveal as this may be, it complements what little was already known about the Eldar campaign nicely, and confirms Relic's stated commitment to a strong story component.

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The second part of Relic's big Eldar reveal today is the first of its kind for Dawn of War 2: Retribution. The first new mutiplayer unit has been confirmed, and it is the Eldar Autarch. Contrary to some speculation, the Autarch is not a fourth Eldar commander, nor is it replacing an existing Eldar hero. Instead, the Autarch is a Tier 2 unique unit obtained from a global call-in.

At first, the concept of a unit tied to a global call-in does not sound too unique. Space Marine Terminators have existed as such since launch. However, the Autarch's call-in process includes a hail of grenades the player can target. When combined with Skyleap (returns the Autarch to the global ability bar), this seems to actually create a trade-off between using the Autarch as an on-field unit and as a global ability.

Once on the ground, the Autarch has Fleet of Foot, Leap (a jump ability with the added bonus of buffing nearby infantry speed, health, and damage on landing), and the aforementioned Skyleap (not mentioned is that Skyleap reduces the cost of the global call-in). The sword seems to suggest a melee focus for combat. Some mysteries still remain, including what happens if an Autarch dies.

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