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Dawn of War 2 Strategies

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Strategy Guide

Ranger Guide

Monday, 5 Oct 2009
A Ranger is an Eldar who has decided to leave their Craftworld and the Eldar Path, choosing instead to follow the Path of the Outcast in favour of seeking excitement and adventure in the open galaxy. Many never return to their Craftworld; dying alone and forgotten or falling from grace into the...
Strategy Guide

Against the Tyranid Swarm - A 1.5 Space Marine Guide

Saturday, 5 Sep 2009
Does the ever growing “Great Devourer” pose a severe threat to the Imperium of Man? Are the Emperors finest Marines no longer a viable match for the swarm? Have faith in the Immortal Emperor as it is time for the initiates to show their worth with the new 1.5 SM strategy guide.ForewordIn the...
Gameplay Tip

TotW #12 - How to Recognize Call in Symbols

Thursday, 20 Aug 2009
GameReplay.org community member hellic has written up an Tip of the Week about Call in Symbols. I'm an Eldar player, Warp Spider Exarch (WSE) in specific. Yet even after 400 games with the Eldar, I still can't for the life of me differentiate between a Warp Spider call-in symbol, an Eldritch...
Gameplay Tip

TotW #11 - How to Use Early Spore Mines

Wednesday, 12 Aug 2009
Welcome to the latest Tip of the Week. I will be discussing and showing you how early-game spore mines can be devastating to your opponent's Tier 1 army and can swing the game hugely in your favour from the word go, and even win you a few fast, cheap victories if you're lucky.The spore mine squad...
Strategy Guide

Warlock Commander Wargear and Abilities Guide

Monday, 10 Aug 2009
The Warlock is one of the three Eldar commanders, and is a popular choice due to his great wargear and abilities. In this guide a brief overview detailing when and how to use each best will be given.Warlock Starting AbilitiesFleet of FootVery useful to quickly engage units in melee or for a quick...
Gameplay Tip

TotW #10 - How to Read Dawn of War 2 Statistics

Wednesday, 22 Jul 2009
So you go to the DowCodex, and you look up the statistics on the Space Marine Assault Squad. Once you're there, you see this page all full of numbers and weird names such as Supp. Resist, Courage Regen, Courage, Rf. Requisition.Well, fear no more! This tip of the week is here to help you figure...
Strategy Guide

The Force Commander Strategy Guide

Thursday, 16 Jul 2009
GameReplay.org community member SiN_BR has written up an Strategy Guide with a replay pack attached to it, which make use of the Force Commander.His fury knows no bounds! Use the Force Commander to wreak havoc quickly and efficiently among your enemies. No longer will the Eldar snipers take you...
Gameplay Tip

TotW #9 - Dealing with Heavy Armour

Thursday, 16 Jul 2009
The Dawn of War 2 ‘There is Only War’ Beta has seen some major changes as to how heavy infantry armour functions, and has seen the amount of it expand hugely. Since all Space Marines, except scouts, have this armour type as well as other units, it is important to know how to deal with it.Firstly,...
Strategy Guide

Countering the Xenos, Mutants and the Heretics

Wednesday, 8 Jul 2009
Are hordes of green skins rampaging through your lands? Do the treacherous Xenos let loose their armies of screeching sword-mistresses to destroy your precious gene-seed? Are traitor Techmarines ruining your day with their advanced weaponry? Have no fear! The Emperor's finest Apothecary beta...
Strategy Guide

How to Beat Space Marines With Eldar

Sunday, 5 Jul 2009
The Beta is out and we are all looking for new ways to master the Eldar. As always, Space Marines tend to stand in our way. This Strategy Post is my take on how to counter some of the different strategies that are emerging. Replays are added to show execution of the strategies. Enjoy !Mass...