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Dawn of War 2 Gameplay Tips

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Tip Of The Week #21: Synapse

Wednesday, 26 Oct 2011
Learn how to recognize the various forms of Tyranid Synapse and what they do!Writer: DullahanEditor: 5*GeneralPatch: 3.18Tyranid synapse has always been this invisible force functioning in the background, ever present but not always announcing its presence. It's much more visually prominent than...
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Tip Of The Week #20 - Assault Space Marines

Sunday, 31 Jul 2011
Strike from the sky Brothers!Writer: Dark RikuEditor: 5*GeneralPatch: 3.16.250050Assault Space Marines are the most expensive Tier 1.5 unit in the game, so use them wisely. Of course, be careful not to lose them! Going for Assault Space Marines takes a lot of commitment to them, and losing a...
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Tip Of The Week #19 - Autarch's Leap

Friday, 22 Jul 2011
Learn why you should save your leap for buffing allies instead of running away.Writer: DullahanEditor: 5*GeneralPatch: 3.16.1One of the Autarch's key abilities, Leap, allows her to soar through the air and either crash down onto an opponent's face or land gracefully among allies, ready to lead...
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Tip Of The Week #18 - Multi-Laser Turrets

Thursday, 14 Jul 2011
Learn how to use Multi-Laser Turrets to support both your offensive and defensive strategiesWriter: DullahanEditor: 5*GeneralPatch: 3.16The Multi-Laser Turret is essentially the Imperial Guard's fifth unit in tier one. For 150 requisition, Guardsmen can construct these turrets rapidly anywhere...
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Tip Of The Week #17 - Repair Bunkers

Wednesday, 6 Jul 2011
Learn why you should use Repair Bunkers to support your vehicles.Writer: DullahanEditor: 5*GeneralPatch: 3.16The Imperial Guard are a very unique race, and one of the coolest abilities they have is the capability to drop a bunker anywhere they'd like on the map. While woefully underused in high...
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Tip Of The Week #16 - Catachan Booby Traps

Thursday, 30 Jun 2011
Learn why you should incorporate booby traps into your Imperial Guard strategies.Writer: DullahanEditor: 5*GeneralPatch: 3.15Catachan's have a slew of potent abilities in their repertoire and one of the most powerful abilities is their Improvised Explosives ability which is granted with the...
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Tip of The Week #15 - The Stormshield

Tuesday, 14 Dec 2010
The Stormshield is an underutilized wargear item on the Force Commander (FC), and although it can be quite situational, in some match ups it can give you a significant advantage. It's one of the FC's best wargear items for team games (just behind the Sacred Standard) and functions as a very...
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Tip of The Week #14: Assault Cannon Dreadnought

Sunday, 17 Oct 2010
----------------------------------The Dreadnought is an iconic Space Marine unit, and in Dawn of War 2 you often see these walking terrors rip and tear apart the enemies of the Imperium limb from limb. And while watching the mighty Dreadnought crush xenos and heretics in melee combat is...
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Tip of the Week #13: Tips On Protecting Your Power Income

Friday, 27 Aug 2010
Tired of losing your generators all the time? Tired of teching so slow you face an avatar while still in tier one? Have no fear ladies and gentlemen, as here comes our own Strategy Specialist extraordinaire Hellic to save the day, who has graciously decided to give you some useful tips and tricks...
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TotW #12 - How to Recognize Call in Symbols

Thursday, 20 Aug 2009
GameReplay.org community member hellic has written up an Tip of the Week about Call in Symbols. I'm an Eldar player, Warp Spider Exarch (WSE) in specific. Yet even after 400 games with the Eldar, I still can't for the life of me differentiate between a Warp Spider call-in symbol, an Eldritch...