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GameReplays Custom Map Showcase Playlist!

Thursday, 7 Apr 2011
There are some fantastic custom maps out there made by the community, and we here at GameReplays wanted to showcase some of them for you! If you are interested in checking these maps out for yourself, head over to Maps of War!This weekend we had a best of seven showmatch between Texaneous and...

Developer Chat #2 with Relic's Braden "bC" Chan!

Tuesday, 5 Apr 2011
Developer Chat #2 with Relic's own Braden "bC" Chan is now up! Earlier in the week, the community got a chance to submit questions to Relic concerning the new changes revealed in the 3.14 patch notes. The top questions were picked, and included in this interview with Braden.After the interview,...

DoW 2 GameReplays Open Season #1 - Complete Video Guide

Thursday, 31 Mar 2011
Last weekend the GameReplays Open Season #1 tournament commenced and was hugely successful! Nearly 100 players showed up and battled it out over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for fame and fortune in front of over 1,000 peak concurrent live-stream viewers. The entire event was commentated on live...

Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising - Two Developer Video Releases

Friday, 5 Mar 2010
As the first and highly-anticipated Dawn of War 2 expansion pack, Chaos Rising, draws ever closer to its release date, the developer crew over at Relic Entertainment have been just about saturating us with more information in the way of interviews, teaser posts in the forums, livecasts, and...

Chaos Rising Live Broadcast & Preview Video

Saturday, 20 Feb 2010
On Thursday, alert fans were given a special sneak peek at the upcoming Chaos Rising expansion for Dawn of War 2 through an Xfire sponsored livecast. After about twenty minutes of critiquing the Relic developers' fashion sense against the Vancouver skyline over webcam as they fiddled with the...

GameReplays.org Reveals Exclusive Footage of new Dawn of War 2 Features

Saturday, 20 Jun 2009
Relic Entertainment recently extended an offer to GameReplays.org. They requested that we send someone on an all-expenses paid trip to the Relic offices in Vancouver, Canada to playtest the brand new features of their new There Is Only War update for Dawn of War 2 and to use the recently revealed...

This Week in DoW2 VoDs #8

Tuesday, 14 Apr 2009
Welcome to another installment of our weekly round-up of Dawn of War 2 VODs. With several recent additions to our Gamecasting team and our congratulations to Bentguru on his recent promotion, we are looking at a better than ever Gamecasting section and many high-quality VODs being released. So...

This Week in DoW2 VODs #7

Friday, 27 Mar 2009
Deagle is back to bring the Gamereplays community another weekly Dawn of War 2 VOD feature. This week we only have two new VODs posted, and both happen to be by SolidSpartan7. #91[VIDEO][1.1.3]SolidSpartan7(FC)(TS25) vs MotteAuT(WB)(TS33)The first VOD by SolidSpartan7 is where he decided to...

This Week in DoW2 VODs #6

Thursday, 19 Mar 2009
With the departure of our much beloved Deagle^ from the staff here, this feature took a short break, but we at the Dawn of War 2 portal are very pleased to give a very welcome return to our weekly VOD round-up: This Week in DoW2 VODs. So without furthur ado:stevensonmat2 (Force Commander) vs...

This Week in DoW2 VODs #5

Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009
Well folks, it's here. Dawn of War 2 has been playable since last Wednesday, and we've seen a few mentionable VODs pop up. In fact, we've only seen two VODs appear for the current patch, 1.1. Here are the two that were created:ramatheson (Warboss) vs diarProphet (Ravener Alpha)Here we have a...