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Dawn of War 3 Features and Articles

Special Feature

Dawn of War 3 Replay System Shows Elites and Doctrines

Monday, 19 Jun 2017
Greetings! The Dawn of War 3 Replay System will now show which Elites (and their levels) and Doctrines the players have used in a match! You can read more about how to use the Dawn of War 3 Replay System and its other cool features here; Dawn of War 3 Replay Section Launched!. Come check it...
Special Feature

ESL War Cup #7

Tuesday, 13 Jun 2017
Last Saturday the top players once again waged war in ESL’s “It is War Cup #7,” putting their DoWIII skills to the ultimate test. The EU bracket saw a Bhruic (Orks) vs Legion1397 (SM) finals with Bhruic claiming victory 2-0, while the later NA tournament culminated in a DadokisinX (SM) vs...
Special Feature

ESL War Cup #6 EU/NA coverage

Wednesday, 7 Jun 2017
This week’s ESL coverage is written by Sparkskite, one of our Strategy Specialists and author of the Space Marine build order guide, ‘Lightning and Thunder.’ Sparkskite is an active ladder player and avid follower of the Dawn of War 3 ESL scene. He brings perspective on the fledgling Dawn of War...
Special Feature

[Chapter Archives] - Chaos Space Marines - Chaos Undivided

Saturday, 3 Jun 2017
Welcome to the second episode of Chapter Archives. Appreciate the glory of the true gods and take a gander at potential unit candidates in the likely to come Chaos Faction in Dawn of War III!Beware, for the traitors have come to claim their reward.In the universe of Warhammer 40k there are two...
Special Feature

Replay of the week #4 & #5

Monday, 29 May 2017
Gamereplays fourth Dawn of the War 3 Replay of the Week goes to one of the longest, high tier games in Dawn of War 3 so far, between Bikerushownz' Marines and Galahad's Orks.The game starts in a very back and forth fashion with both players taking control of the maps resources and taking some...

How To Farm Experience Points

Thursday, 25 May 2017
Not having all possible options immediately at your disposal is a pretty big no-no for RTS games as they're competitive by nature (even if played casually). Dawn of War 3 has a gate on Doctrines and Elites however and serious players are not happy about it. Experience points are fairly easy to...
Special Feature

Chapter Archives - Necrons - The Ancient Darkness

Thursday, 18 May 2017
Chapter Archives is a new series by our resident Librarian Misiok that examines the Warhammer 40k factions yet to be added to Dawn of War III. It will explain and analyze the background lore of a faction/race (some factions can come from the same race!), how they came to be and how they can be...
Special Feature

Mentor/Mentee Program Launched!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017
Good day! Let me see... Sergeant, number two-five-nine-two ... and... three-nine, was it? Excellent. Welcome to the GameReplays Academy. You'll be drilling up some fine guardsmen, I hope. Anyway. You will be training... Volunteer. Number: One-nine-nine-nine ... two-one. What's that? You would...
Special Feature

Replay of the Week #3

Monday, 15 May 2017
Gamereplay's third Dawn of the War 3 Replay of the Week goes to an excellent, back and forth, high level game of Trojan's Marines vs Bikerushownz' Eldar. This game is a good example of the Eldar vs Marine meta, all the strongest units for both factions are on show. From Dire Avengers, Assault...
Special Feature

ESL War Cup #2 EU coverage

Sunday, 7 May 2017
ESL's “It is War Cup #2 Europe” Shows Little Build Variance, Players Eager for a Balance Patch. Saturdays’s European ESL 1v1 tournament saw 65 entrants battle in a series of Bo3’s, culminating in a Trojan (SM) vs Booom3 (Eldar) finals. Trojan closed it out 2-1. The final game ending in a power...