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Dawn of War 3 Features and Articles

Special Feature

We are looking for staff!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017
Dawn of War 3 is going strong. We may all agree the game is really fun and has lots of potential. Now, we need YOUR help to secure its place among the greats. Will you aid this game? In reaching the heights that it's capable of? Do you think you have what takes to be on staff? Look below to find...
Special Feature

Dawn of War 3 Replay Section Launched!

Sunday, 30 Apr 2017
Greetings! The Dawn of War 3 Replay System is now online. Replays may be uploaded, downloaded, or discussed within their own topics. While guests are unable to comment in these topics, they are able to upload their replays, although these may be accessed only via a link. Be aware that any replay...
Special Feature

Does Dawn of War 3 have potential as an eSport?

Friday, 28 Apr 2017
Community member Jelly asked himself the question: Does Dawn of War 3 have what it takes to become a eSport? Take a cup of a coffee and take your time to read this well written and thought out article.Introduction Resistance to games becoming eSports is not new. With video games slowly becoming...
Special Feature

Next faction survey results

Thursday, 27 Apr 2017
We all love to speculate about a possible new faction for Dawn of War 3. Jelly created a poll to figure out what the community wants. In the poll you could rank each race from #1 to #12. This allowed for more nuanced feedback since many people want more than one. If you did not know the faction,...

Who founded the Blood Ravens?

Thursday, 23 Feb 2017
With the launch of Dawn of War III this year, the spotlight once again shines on the Blood Ravens, the chapter of the Space Marines that we are accustomed to having played with throughout the Dawn of War franchise.This article will attempt to approach in broad strokes one of the most heaty topics...
Special Feature

Dawn of War 3 Release Date

Wednesday, 8 Feb 2017
The official website makes no exact statement of when we can expect Dawn of War 3 to hit the shelves. All they mention is that the new Dawn of War will be released in 2017. No month, no quarter, only the year.In October of 2016 however Sega's website mentioned that the next Dawn of War will be...