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Dawn of War 3

Bolivar's Dawn of War 3 Codex

Starting Structures

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Each match starts at the base (10,000 HP) with a builder unit nearby. The base may produce more builders or a starting infantry unit. Each team also starts with three objective-based buildings.
The Power Core - must be destroyed to win the game. Power Cores are invulnerable until one Turret is destroyed. They have 5,600 HP and regenerate any lost health after not being attacked for a duration. They also have an active ability to gain invulnerability for 20 seconds with a 5 minute cooldown.

Turrets – one protects each entrance to each team’s base. Each turret has 1,750 HP and is invulnerable until its nearby Shield Generator is destroyed. They fire directional blasts which last several seconds and does heavy damage to units in a line, over time. They also intermittently let out smaller blasts for less damage at individual targets. The Shock Wave ability stuns all nearby enemy units in an expanding circle for a duration (250 second cooldown). Destroying a Turret renders the Power Core vulnerable, it also provides an Elite Point, 1,000 Requisition and 200 Power.

Shield Generators – found in front of each turret. These are the first objective you must destroy. Units occupying Shield Generators will activate a shield, blocking vehicles and incoming ranged damage but leaving them susceptible to infantry melee attacks and abilities. Any active shields must be destroyed before one may damage the generator. Destroying a Shield Generator provides 500 Requisition, 100 Power and 1 Elite Point, giving momentum to stage comebacks or extend leads.