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Dawn of War 3

Bolivar's Dawn of War 3 Codex

Micromanaging Active Abilities
Roughly half of DoW IIIís units have active abilities, so you must using them in tandem to disable and wipe out your opponents as quickly as possible. This might seem overwhelming when the endgame crescendos with massive armies facing off in climactic showdowns. Therefore, itís important to simplify your micromanagement by identifying the most important ability with the largest impact, then the second largest, the third, and so on. Prioritize nukes and knockback - abilities that both damage and disable should be at the top of your list. The larger the radius, the better.

For example, the early game Eldar Elite, Farseer Macha, can throw her spear out into a cluster of units, then detonate it in a large explosion to knockback and damage enemies in a radius. At this point in the game, she probably has a couple of Dire Avengers backing her up, which can follow up her spear detonation by tossing grenades at downed enemies, making sure they never get back up off the floor. In general, you want to begin with your most powerful Elite abilities before moving on to your line units. As the game progresses and you begin micromanaging multiple Elites simultaneously, your focus should naturally shift more and more to making the most of your Elitesí capabilities.

If youíre new to RTS games, try to use the keyboard for as many actions as you can, freeing up your mouse to micromanage your units on the field. You can assign multiple units to one hotkey by selecting them, holding the Ctrl key, and pressing the number key you would like to assign them to. Pressing that number again selects the whole group, and the Tab key cycles between each unit. You can also use your keyboard for their abilities, which are normally mapped to Q, W, and E (in that order).

Sometimes your most powerful ability is slow-moving and you need a faster ability to lock down enemies before the larger strike. For example, use the Kill Teamís gravity grenade to hold enemies in place so they cannot get away in time from the Assault Marinesí slow-moving Assault Jump.

When using abilities with knockback or stun, itís important to chain your disables one after another to maximize their duration instead of wasting them all at the same time. Coordinating this with teammates over voice chat can combine your powerful Elite abilities for devastating effect.

Putting this into practice is tough. As Mike Tyson once said, "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." It'll be hard to focus when you're going up against the Orksí Weirdboy, four Boyz and a Shoota squad; doubly so when they have these units and Lootaz, and Gorgutz, and a Trukk now flinging those Boyz at your Devastators, who canít move because they have their Heavy Bolters deployed. Try to recognize which are your opponentís biggest threats and then go through a progression of neutralizing each one. Lock down their anti-infantry heavy weapons with melee. Disperse their grouped up blobs of units with a knockback ability. Group your anti-armor units to focus fire down a powerful vehicle. And keep your units spread out to bait out Elites, outmaneuver their powerful abilities, and burst them down gradually before they can make an impact.