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Dawn of War 3

Bolivar's Dawn of War 3 Codex

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Itís not enough to just move a blob of units and tab-cycle through them to use their active abilities Ė positioning is the other half of the equation. Keep your most durable units in the front and your vulnerable specialists in the back. Try to fan your squads out so theyíre not overly-clumped together and susceptible to crowd control and nukes. When attacking structures without any supporting enemies, donít leave your units passively firing Ė spread them out so they canít all be neutralized at once by a long range initiation ability. This all might sound obvious but itís important you stay on the alert at all times. Space Marine Drop Pods may quickly punish any momentary lapse of judgment but this threat goes beyond just one faction.

You cannot overstate the significance of melee in Dawn of War. Thereís a reason why every faction has many ranged units but only one melee unit in each armor class (except Orks and, even then, they only have two). A signature staple of Relic strategy games is that each melee squad may automatically charge a ranged squad to tie it up in melee combat, effectively taking them out of the fight since they deal much less damage in melee mode and, more importantly, cannot use their active abilities. Nearly every melee unit and Elite also has a movement active ability dedicated to closing on their targets.

You can also use the environments in Dawn of War III to secure a favorable position against unsuspecting enemies. Use a line of sight advantage when the enemy canít see you to leap over a wall or down from a ledge to initiate combat on the unaware. Hide melee units in Stealth Cover, then break stealth to instantly tie up unsuspecting snipers.