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Dawn of War 3

Bolivar's Dawn of War 3 Codex

Fast building and upgrading units
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Since you’re always roaming around the middle of the map, it’s challenging to multitask building new structures and units while scouting, engaging, and upgrading. Fortunately, Dawn of War III offers two ways to quickly multi-task building your units. First, there are building tabs along the top of the selected unit/building window at the bottom left of your screen, which you may use to bring up a building and then click the unit you want.

Alternatively, you may use keyboard shortcuts the same way you do combat units. The buttons in the unit/building window always correspond to the same keys – QWER for the first top row, ASDF for the second middle row, and ZXCV for the third bottom row. Memorizing shortcuts allows you to instantly queue up much-needed counters. For example, if you assigned your Warrior Portal to 4, you can quickly press 4 and then E to produce Howling Banshees to punish your opponent’s over-reliance on Tactical Marines. Try to remember what units your opponent is using so you know which counters to build next (melee to counter ranged, heavy weapons and snipers to counter melee).

Stay on top of your tech upgrades as well to keep up with the momentum of the match and extend the usefulness of your early game units. Some units will not live up to their full potential until you research their active abilities at your faction’s tech building. You can hotkey your tech building if you prefer or use the building tabs mentioned above. It helps to buy an upgrade while waiting for enough resources for your next unit. They’re also cheaper than you might think.