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Dawn of War 3

Bolivar's Dawn of War 3 Codex

Rolling Elite Kills into Objective Pushes
Once Elites go down, they’re out of the fight for minutes at a time. Every subsequent kill on that same Elite further extends the cooldown duration before they can be summoned again. Decisively winning fights by killing enemy Elites while your own Elites are still healthy creates an uncontested window to destroy enemy structures and expand your map control.

If you’re ahead, destroying a Shield Generator or Turret nets you bonus resources, offsetting your opponents’ unit refunds after a fight. If you’re behind, set back their economy advantage by fanning out your troops to destroy their generators, take out Listening Posts, and steal resource nodes.

Understandably, you need to keep your Elites alive and healthy to contest pushes, even if it means sacrificing a regular unit in the process. At the end of the game, wiping your opponent’s army gives you a chance to finish off their Power Core before they can rebuild their army in time to stop you.