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Dawn of War 3

Bolivar's Dawn of War 3 Codex

Team Games
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Youíll need to rethink some of the 1v1 fundamentals when playing in team games. Each player can focus on a separate direction of attack instead of worrying about the entire map at once. At the same time, you need to group up to create unfair advantages over lone players to establish leads. In 2v2 games, you should absolutely be playing cooperatively throughout the entirety of the match. Crucible of the Vaul looks like it has separate lanes for each player but in reality, itís a fight for the four resource nodes and Shield Generators clustered around the center. Similarly, the 3v3 map Solarianís Gate only really has two outer lanes in play, so you should communicate which lane to focus on, or have one player in the middle constantly shifting back and forth between the outer lanes to help teammates when needed.

Crucible of the Vaul and Stratum P2-8 both have two Elite Point resource nodes. If you can hold one while denying your enemy the other (or, ideally, holding both) you can establish a massive Elite Point lead over your opponents. With multiple players, this creates a compounded advantage for your team by having several more Elites. You should also keep this in mind for the 1v1 map Kíhometís Pass although the effect isnít multiplied like it is in team games.

Arguably, you could coordinate different roles for your teammates by having only one player spending resources on generators and leaning on early Elites to contribute to fights, while another player solely spends resources on building a lethal army and teching up early. If youíre playing with strangers, itís best to stay on top of the resource nodes youíre taking by upgrading them to continually contribute to the team.

Take a look at your teammatesí loadouts before the match begins. If they are committing to late game Elites, itís up to you to bring in earlier Elites to remain competitive throughout the entirety of the match. If your teammates have Doctrines bolstering their Listening Posts, you might want to focus on buffing your units instead. Since team games last longer, you may want to focus on heavy armor unit Doctrines moreso than infantry.

Communication is key, especially since some of the notifications you get of enemy attacks are not very noticeable. Coordinating your attacks and notifying eachother when you need help puts you at a massive advantage over a team who does not have the luxury of voice chat. You can use the notification buttons in the bottom corner of your screen to express this visually and audibly to your teammates instead of hoping theyíre paying attention to the chat.