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Dawn of War 3

Bolivar's Dawn of War 3 Codex

Example Build Orders
If your faction starts with ranged combat units (Space Marines, Eldar), you probably want to get melee units up right away. In contrast, Orks want to get their Shootaz up fairly quickly and loot their Stikkbomb ability from scrap if possible (they can also loot leftover Space Marine drop pods early on, when scrap is in shorter supply).

When planning your build order, consider how the different factions stack against each other at the outset of the game. An Eldar player facing Orks should prioritize Howling Banshees, who deal nearly double the damage of Boyz and can prevent them from tying up Dire Avengers. An Eldar player facing Space Marines should not overlook Dark Reapers, since Eldar can build both their melee and heavy weapons squads from the first barracks, whereas Space Marines need two separate buildings to produce their equivalents.

As Eldar, I like to use my Bone Singer to construct a Warrior Portal and queue up a Dire Avengers squads from the starting base while this is underway. Once it’s complete, I queue up a Howling Banshees Squad and teleport the Warrior Portal to a forward position. At the same time, I also teleport and move the Bone Singer forward to construct the first Webway Gate at an area in between my forward base and the next adjacent point I’m going after, so units can regenerate shields and move faster both while attacking one and defending the other. From there I can add a Dark Reapers Squad to have the basic trinity of infantry units, or I can double down on either Dire Avengers or Howling Banshees depending on how my opponent is playing and whether my Elites or Doctrines shift the balance in unit strengths.

As Orks, I like to build three Boyz squads while a Gretchin moves to the closest point and builds a Boyz Hut immediately at that location while simultaneously capturing the point. While queuing up a Shootaz squad, I try to build my first WAAAGH! Tower so they will soon have Scrap for their grenades and I can begin constructing a Dakka Hut to proceed to Lootaz and Trukkz next.

For Space Marines, it’s tough to overlook the Assault Marines, who have the highest health and DPS at the initial tech tier, along with two charges of a knockback active ability that ignores height. I typically only build one Tactical Marine squad so I will have enough Requisition to construct a Barracks at the closest resource node, an Assault Marine squad in a drop pod once it’s completed, and a Scout squad soon after. This starting army gives you four knockback abilities: one from the Scout stun grenade, another from the drop pod, and two charges of Assault Jump. I use them in that order, as the Scouts can throw their grenade from stealth before the enemy can react, and the stun keeps them in place just long enough for the drop pod to connect while the Scouts and Tactical marines fire away. The first Assault Jump keeps the enemy off balance. The second stops stragglers from running away. If the fight is close, you can use the Holy Standard to give your units the shields necessary to maintain the advantage. Much like above, things can get very situational from there. Sniper squads give you long range potential to chip away enemies before the fight begins or to take down structures from a safe distance. However, Heavy Bolter Devastators will give you a bigger fight advantage with their incredible anti-infantry DPS. I typically construct my Doctrine Chapel at my forward location in the middle to reinforce units under protection from the Listening Post.