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Dawn of War 3

Bolivar's Dawn of War 3 Codex

In 1v1 games, it’s very tempting to quit out of a match as soon as your opponent wins the first decisive fight, assuming that it’s over since your army’s gone and you’re now likely behind on resources. It’s important to hang in there and continue trying to find ways to win, or else you’re throwing away more opportunities to learn and improve. You should trust that an early fight loss is not the end of the world. It takes time for your opponent to take over resource nodes and construct generators, while you receive partial refunds for the units you lose. They may also be putting their army on the backburner to construct Listening Posts, generators, and buildings, giving you an opportunity to build a larger army.

Elites and the timing of their point costs represent the largest potential for comebacks in the game. Since you and your opponent are likely using Elites which cost different amounts, there may be opportunities coming when you will have more powerful or more numerous Elites on the table than they do. Predict these moments to anticipate when you will have your best opportunity to stage a comeback. This also helps you sense when it’s time to pull back if you’re ahead, too.

The factions also present different power levels at different points in the match. For example, Eldar bring out tanky heavy armor at Tier 2 with Wraithguard and Falcons, potentially before their Orc and Space Marine opponents can compete.

You should note which points your opponent is committing to and try to fan out and take neglected resource nodes if you can. While they’re shifting to shore up the middle Elite Point node, you could possibly take over or harass a few separate locations, to punish their concentrated effort. Remember to place your defending units near your barracks so they can reinforce as your opponent takes out the members in their squads.