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Dawn of War 3

Bolivar's Dawn of War 3 Codex

Space Marines
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Space Marines

Faction Summary - Consistent Variety
Space Marines enjoy a healthy variety of units and roles from each of their barracks’ at every stage of the game. Standout units include Assault Marines, with the highest early game HP and DPS, and Dreadnoughts, melee walkers with considerably high HP and heavy armor damage. The Whirlwind artillery also offers a ridiculous range and should not be overlooked.

Pushing Mechanic - Orbital Drop Pods and the Holy Standard
Drops Pods provide knockback, damage, shields, and free placement of a unit at the position of your choosing, so long as you have vision. You start with one Drop Pod to build units in and unlock more as you advance to the next faction tech tier. You can also store a Deathstorm turret inside, which simultaneously shoots in all angles around it. The Standard gives units an additional bump to tip the fight in their favor but may be captured by enemies. At tech tier 1, units gain a shield. At tech tier 2, smaller orbital beams come down to damage enemies. At tech tier 3, units will also heal.

Superweapon - Orbital Beam
You place a beacon structure then choose the location for the beam, which damages and levitate-stuns any enemies it comes across. If enemies capture the beacon, you may no longer move the beam.


Kill Team Ironmaw
Ranged infantry equipped with a gravity grenade that prevents enemies from moving outside of a circle, applying a debuff that increases damage while the Kill Team fires upon it, as well as the option of reinserting into Orbit so they may be called down from a drop pod again. Additionally, the kill team may be equipped with either an anti-infantry flamethrower or an anti-armor rocket launcher to supplement their auto-attacks, immediately and for free. The flamethrower is great for bursting down infantry in the early game, especially Boyz, while the launcher helps them stay relevant in the later game. Use their redeploy ability often to replenish the number of drop pods at your disposal.
| 2 EP |

Jonah Orion
Support Ranged infantry that can damage and blind enemies in line while buffing allies, or trap enemies within a stone circle. The circle prevents all incoming and outgoing fire, and Jonah’s abilities now automatically impact the entire circle. He complements the Space Marine faction well, since you can jump Assault Marines into the circle or bring down drop pods into it. Keep in mind that Deathstorm turrets may not fire at enemies within the circle, even if you drop one inside of it.
| 3 EP |

Gabriel Angelos
Melee infantry tank that can leap slam within a small radius to damage and knock back units or swing his hammer in a circle around him to also damage and knockback enemies, while also creating a temporary shield that obstructs ranged fire and reflects certain abilites. Gabriel’s abilities do not deal a lot of damage, they’re mostly there for the knockback crowd control. He’s an anti-blob unit that allows your supporting line units to keep up the fire without the fear of retaliation. Because he moves slow and his leap slam has a small radius, he can easily be bursted down if left by himself.
| 4 EP |

Chaplain Diomedes
Melee infantry tank that may buff himself and surrounding friendly units. He’s more of a DPS threat than Gabriel and his occasional critical strikes help clear out enemies.
| 4 EP |

Teleporting heavy weapons infantry that can launch a missile barrage in a circle, more missiles for charges accumulated through ranged combat fury. Terminators transition excellently between the early game with their heavy armor and anti-infantry heavy weapons (without the need to deploy like Heavy Bolters) and going into the late game with their solid anti-armor melee attacks. Try to teleport to launch your missile barrage at an ideal spot to take out as many units as you can.
| 6 EP |

Assault Terminators
Heavy armor infantry squad that can teleport in a large radius to knock back enemies at the destination. Can also perform a powerful attack that heavily damages and knocks back units.
| 7 EP |

Venerable Dreadnought
Enhanced dreadnought with plasma fire, can throw a piece of terrain at an enemy to stun or deliver a devastating charged plasma shot that temporarily overheats its firing systems.
| 7 EP |

Imperial Knight hybrid walker. Can generate a shield to block incoming fire in a direction, fire a focused shot in a straight line that deals damage, or use its chainsword in a cone in front of it for a powerful swipe.
| 9 EP |

Imperial Knight ranged walker. Can lay down rapid fire suppression in a cone. Also launches multiple rockets which damage enemies and leave behind a fire for several seconds, damage enemies over time.
| 10 EP |

Light Infantry Units

Scout Squad
Stealth infantry with a long sight range that can reveal mines and stealth units, equipped with a stun grenade ability. May unlock stealth mines for use at the Arsenal. Scouts are effective to use in tandem with Scout Sniper Squads or Whirlwinds to search for enemies which may then be picked off from long range.
| 200 R | 725 Normal HP | 8 Normal Melee DPS | 11 Normal Ranged DPS |

Scout Sniper Squad
Long ranged infantry with extended line of sight
| 380 R & 10 P | 675 Normal HP | 8 Normal Melee DPS | 23 Normal Ranged DPS |

Assault Marine Squad
Melee infantry that charges and slows enemies. Activate Assault Jump to jump through the air and slam down on enemies, causing damage and knockback. May be upgraded with energy blades to deal true damage.
| 500 R & 15 P | 1500 Normal HP | 72 Normal Melee DPS | 11 Ranged Normal DPS |

Heavy Infantry Units

Tactical Marine Squad
Ranged infantry, upgradeable with damage over time flamers or burst damage plasma guns.
| 400 R | 1400 Normal HP | 18 Normal Melee DPS | 28 Normal Ranged DPS |

Heavy Bolter Devastators
Heavy weapons anti-infantry, must deploy before firing, damages and slows in a circle around the target.
| 450 R | 810 Normal HP | 7 Normal Melee DPS | 57 Normal Ranged DPS |

Lascannon Devastators
Ranged anti-armor infantry, deals increasing damage over time at single targets, bonus damage to skimmers. Unlike Heavy Bolter Devastators, Lascannons do not need to deploy.
| 420 R | 840 Normal HP | 7 Normal Melee DPS | 18 Armor-Piercing Ranged DPS |

Heavy Armor Vehicles

Dedicated artillery vehicle with a Missile Barrage ability.
| 150 R & 225 P | 600 Heavy HP |

Land Speeder
Ranged anti-infantry skimmer transport, upgradable with an anti-armor Multi-Melta gun.
| 175 R & 175 P | 600 Heavy HP | 27 Normal Ranged DPS |

Anti-armor melee walker, charges nearby squads to slow. The Ground Slam ability knocks back and slows infantry, it aslo stuns vehicles.
| 100 R & 300 P | 2800 Heavy HP | 88 Armor-Piercing Melee DPS | 17 Normal Ranged DPS |

Predator Annihilator
Anti-armor tank that deals increased damage over time to a single target but takes extra damage from behind.
| 150 R & 275 P | 2000 Heavy HP | 60 Armor-Piercing Ranged DPS |

Predator Destructor
Heavy armor ranged tank that deals damage in a circle around its target, equipped with anti-infantry weaponry.
| 150 R & 275 P | 2250 Heavy HP | 47 Armor-Piercing Ranged DPS |