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Dawn of War 3

Bolivar's Dawn of War 3 Codex

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Faction Summary – Starting Dominance, Delayed Variety
Orks represent an early game map control advantage, a variety of melee options, and a solid roster of endgame vehicles. Boyz are arguably the best starting unit but their other infantry units are spread out across the Light and Heavy Infantry Barracks’ and over five different tech tiers, extending the time it takes to aquire a diverse army. Fortunately, Orks make up for it with a solid roster of heavy armor vehicles. Standout units include Boyz, who will 1v1 any starting unit; Trukkz, an early heavy armor anti-infantry transport; and Nobz, with the highest HP and anti-infantry DPS among line units.

Pushing Mechanic - Towers and Scrap
Orks are the only faction which can build defensive turrets other than the Listening Post. WAAAGH! Towers may be built anywhere, may trigger the WAAAGH! buff for your units (increasing speed and damage), and provide Scrap, which each unit may salvage for an individual upgrade and is sometimes required to unlock abilities.

Note that Boyz also have a WAAAGH! ability, which they can activate together with the towers for maximum effect. Try to build towers as you progress along the map so you will always have a WAAAGH! off cooldown which you may use to buff your army before every incursion.

You can also salvage scrap from destroyed vehicles, buildings, and Space Marine Drop Pods. Gretchins may construct makeshift vehicles to balloon your army after a fight, although they will not be as strong as vehicles built at full price from a barracks.

Superweapon – Rok Bombardment
After 5 WAAAGH! Towers have been built, Roks may be deployed. At its center a gravity device will drop down debris in an ever-widening circle until the end of the ability, at which point a giant rock impacts the center. The device may be picked up and carried around.


Weak melee jetpack infantry that jumps into the air and slams down to damage and knockback enemies. Also may launch a suicide bomber into the air to damage and knockback enemies.
| 2 EP |

Stealth ranged infantry, uses a close-range shotgun for two powerful shots in a cone that must reload after two shots. Attacking from stealth knocks back enemies on the first shot. Smoke bomb stealths the Kommando and stuns enemies around him. May plant a proximity mine that stuns for an extended duration. May activate the proximity mine or a piece of scrap to cause a high damage, large radius explosion that triggers after a delay. In large fights, you can keep him stealthed and move from scrap to scrap, detonating each one to annihilate the enemy.
| 3 EP |

Weirdboy Zappnoggin
Ranged infantry nuker that loots scrap to gain a shield and fist charges. The Fist of Gork travels slowly through the air but has a long range and the potential for devastating damage, in addition to immobilizing any units it hits. May also teleport in a large radius, dealing damage over time at the destination and bringing units at its departure point over after a few seconds. Also has a shockwave blast in a cone that increases speed of allies and deals damage to enemies, with more damage the closer they are. Zappnoggin is an incredibly high damage threat and should not be underestimated. This is balanced with his low HP without his shield (less than 500 normal armor HP).
| 3 EP |

Headhunter Gorgutz
Melee tank that can fire a hookshot claw in a radius to jump to that point and taunt any enemies nearby, forcing them to attack Gorgutz instead of other units. May also use a whirlwind ability that creates a circle around Gorgutz that damages all units inside over time, obstructs ranged fire, and can be moved to keep up with units inside trying to flee.
| 4 EP |

Mek Boy Wazmakka
Hybrid armor unit that can call down scrap or loot scrap to place it in a different location later. Tractor beam buffs a friendly unit or slows and damages an enemy, it may be activated again to drag them towards Wazmakka. His channeling ability turns up to five nearby Scrap into turrets damaging enemy units and structures.
| 4 EP |

Enhanced anti-armor Nobz, creates force wall in front of them that blocks ballistics and movement, while slowing any enemies in between the wall and the location from which it was launched. May activate rockets for one unit in the squad to fire rockets at the target, requires charges which regenerate over time.
| 6 EP |

Mad Dread
Enhanced Deff Dread that can burrow underground to knockback and damage enemies at the destination. Leaves a hole in the ground at the departure point which other units can interact with to also follow Deff Dread to the destination. The hole at the destination can be used to travel back to the departure point.
| 7 EP|

Anti-armor super walker that launches a rocket fist at a location for high damage and a stun, disabling its melee until the fist is returned. All Da Dakka fires rounds in a cone, each shot increasing damage in a line from the Gorkanaut.
| 9 EP |

Beauty the Morkanaut
Super heavy ranged walker. Can launch its claw to damage units and may be recalled to drag them back to Beauty. May generate a shield around itself and provide other shields to nearby allies. Can release multiple Gretchins which can be used to repair Beauty.
| 9 EP |

Light Infantry Units

Melee infantry that charges and slows nearby enemies, can channel WAAAGH! to gain temporary bonuses and a health shield. Loots scrap to increase health and to stun with the melee charge.
| 300 R | 1280 Normal HP | 33 Normal Melee DPS | 8 Normal Ranged DPS |

Shoota Boyz
Ranged infantry, loots scrap to throw a knockback/damage grenade with 44s cooldown.
| 350 R | 840 Normal HP | 16 Normal Melee DPS | 46 Normal Ranged DPS |

Melee heavy anti-infantry, charges and slows nearby enemies. The Taunt ability draws enemy attacks, loots scrap to gain ranged Choppa active ability that immobilizes targets.
| 250 R & 200 P | 3000 Heavy HP | 107 Normal Melee DPS |

Heavy Infantry Units

Anti-vehicle infantry, counters heavy armor, does bonus damage to skimmers, loots scrap to gain the bomb squigs that run to a destination, seek an enemy and then explode.
| 420 R | 840 Normal HP | 31 Armor-Piercing Ranged DPS | 12 Normal Mele DPS |

Defgun Lootaz
Heavy weapons infantry that lays fire in a line. May loot scrap to slow units with their fire.
| 440 R | 53 Normal Ranged DPS | 6 Normal Melee DPS |

Heavy armor ranged anti-infantry transport vehicle, can launch passengers for a stun, upgrade to reinforce nearby squads, loots scrap for a shield.
| 300 R & 25 P | 900 Heavy HP | 13 Normal Ranged DPS |

Heavy Armor Vehicles

Anti-infantry ranged skimmer, loots scrap to unlock an ability that causes damage where it flies.
| 100 R & 100 P | 450 Heavy HP | 33 Normal Ranged DPS |

Killa Kan
Anti-vehicle walker, fires multiple rockets which it generates slowly, scrap increases maximum payload storage.
| 100 R & 175 P | 725 Heavy HP| 21 True Damage Melee DPS |

Deff Dread
Anti-vehicle melee walker, charges and slows nearby enemies, area of effect damage over time upon death, loots scrap to gain speed-increasing shield.
| 150 R & 225 P | 2000 Heavy HP | 66 Armor-Piercing Melee DPS |

Big Trakk w. Supa Kannon
Artillery vehicle, must set up before firing, loots scrap to add proximity-triggered mines to ranged attack.
| 100 R & 350 P | 1800 Heavy HP | 52 Armor-Piercing Ranged DPS |