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Dawn of War 3

Bolivar's Dawn of War 3 Codex

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Faction Summary – A Fading Race
The Eldar’s mobility mechanics make them great hit-and-run guerrilla fighters but they also offer a lot of raw power in the early and mid game. They begin with all five light infantry units available from the Light Infantry Barracks but their heavy armor options are spread out across the Infinity and Sky Portals. Their Wraith Guard and Wraith Blades are very slow moving, making it harder for them to keep up with the other factions’ vehicles if a Webway Gate is not present to grant Fleet of Foot but they deliver some of the highest damage in the game.

Standout units include Shadow Specters; which fly over obstructions to obliterate structures and vehicles, the Falcon skimmer transport with high anti-infantry damage, and the Wraithblade’s astonishingly high anti-armor melee DPS.

Push Mechanic – Battle Focus and Teleportation
Eldar Bone Singers can construct Webway Gates which provide the Eldar Battle Focus buff in a large radius, granting the Fleet of Foot increased movement speed buff, in addition to regeneration of their shields. Without webway gates, Eldar units regenerate shields much slower.

Eldar buildings can teleport anywhere you have vision, moving up as the line of scrimmage advances. Units teleport along webway links established between buildings, letting them take multiple objectives after a successful fight or quickly defending different areas. Wraith units can also return to an Infinity Portal.

Superweapon - Eldritch Storm
This movable superweapon damages and slows. It may combine with a unit to create a destroyable object that periodically unleashes powerful lightning at surrounding enemies.


Striking Scorpions
Melee stealth infantry that pounces on enemy prey for damage and a small knockback. Activates Hunt to enter stealth and increase awareness of enemy units. Pounce has a larger range if activated from stealth.
| 2 EP |

Ranger Ronahn
Long-ranged Sniper that can fire a powerful charged shot with a global radius and reveals vision in its path for a time. Shadow steps into Stealth Cover within a moderate radius. Using an active ability removes the requirement to set up his weapon before firing and grants faster attack speed. Using another active ability will extend the duration.
| 3 EP |

Farseer Macha
Hybrid infantry Farseer who gains increased damage if she is carrying her spear. Throwing the spear at a location buffs all units around it while reducing Macha’s melee damage. The spear may be detonated at its location or while Macha is carrying it to deal high damage and knockback in a radius. Spear may be recalled at any time. Also may immobilize and disable all enemies in a radius around her, who may not be attacked for the duration.
| 3 EP |

Jain Zar
Highly mobile Phoenix Lord who can leap, knocking back any enemy in her path and creating explosions nearby. Her blade may be tossed for a short radius but returns back to Jain Zar wherever she is, dealing additional damage on the way back.
| 4 EP |

Autarch Kyre
Hybrid infantry that sends out whirlwinds that damage over time. Leaps into the air to become a skimmer, which also pulls in any active whirlwinds to underneath Kyre's location. Drops mines from the air for heavy damage. Can pounce down from flight to knockback enemies.
| 4 EP |

Warp Spiders
Ranged teleportation infantry that phases within a moderate range, leaving behind a portal which units can enter to also move to the destination. The teleport has up to four charges which regenerate over time. Can teleport-place up to three mines that damage and slow upon enemy contact. Use their teleportation often to move to more advantageous locations or escape, which your other ranged units can follow. Since enemies can enter the portal as well, you could potentially use it to lure enemies to follow the Warp Spiders into an ambush where the rest of your army is waiting.
| 5 EP |

Wraith Lord
Heavy armor melee walker that can dash forward, damaging all units a line and swipes at the end for bonus damage and knockback. Can generate a shield that protects it from incoming fire.
| 7 EP |

Wraith Knight
Anti-armor ranged super walker that leaps and powerslides through enemies, knocking back any one in its way. May place a large gravity grenade that pulls enemies into the center. Concentrated beam does extraordinary damage over time for a brief duration. Try to lock enemies into the vortex before initiating the beam.
| 9 EP |

Farseer Taldeer
Heavy armor melee walker that can leap over enemies and power slide, causing knockback and damage. Can create a shield that absorbs incoming fire. She may also strike in a line to put enemies into stasis. She may also break stasis with an attack. Also launches a ranged blade attack from its location.
| 9 EP |

Light Infantry Units

Dire Avengers
Ranged infantry that deals damage in bursts and must pause after sustained fire. Can throw a knockback/damage grenade.
| 330 R | 330 Normal HP | 492 Normal Shield | 14 Normal Melee DPS | 27 Normal Ranged DPS |

Dark Reapers
Heavy weapons ranged infantry, must deploy before firing or moving, damages in a circle around the target.
| 440 R | 300 Normal HP | 504 Normal Shield | 6 Normal Melee DPS | 32 True Damage Ranged DPS |

Howling Banshees
Melee infantry, slows nearby enemies in a circle, unlocks a dash ability from the Soul Shrine that damages all enemies caught in its path.
| 435 R & 10 P | 420 Normal HP | 630 Normal Shield | 64 Normal Melee DPS | 10 Normal Ranged DPS |

Unlock Rangers | 100 R

Stealth long-ranged infantry, must set up before firing, unlocks a Vision Beacon ability upgrade from the Soul Shrine.
| 330 R & 15 P | 216 Normal HP | 324 Normal Shield | 6 Normal Melee DPS | 18 Normal Ranged DPS |

Unlock Shadow Specters | 270 R & 15 P

Shadow Specters
Ranged anti-armor skimmer infantry, increases damage over time against a single target, deals bonus damage to skimmer vehicles.
| 435 R & 30 P | 279 Normal HP | 420 Normal Shield | 29 Armor-Piercing Ranged Damage |

Heavy Infantry Units

Ranged anti-armor heavy infantry. Must charge before each shot. May recall back to an Infinity Portal.
| 150 R & 174 P | 900 Heavy HP | 1350 Heavy Shield | 13 Normal Melee DPS | 69 Armor-Piercing Ranged DPS |

Anti-armor melee infantry that charge and slow nearby squads. Can dash to targets from far away and taunt. Can also be recalled back to an Infinity Portal.
| 180 R & 225 P | 1149 Heavy HP | 1725 Heavy Shield | 160 Armor-Piercing Melee DPS |

Heavy Armor Vehicles

Heavy armor anti-infantry skimmer, can deploy slowing device.
| 125 R & 125 P | 375 Heavy HP | 125 Heavy Shield | 20 True Damage Ranged DPS |

Ranged anti-infantry transport skimmer which reinforces nearby squads.
| 175 R & 250 P | 1350 Heavy HP | 450 Heavy Shield | 60 Normal Ranged DPS |

Fire Prism
Artillery skimmer vehicle, delayed explosions from the main attack causes knockback and damage to enemies.
| 100 R & 375 P | 750 Heavy HP | 300 Heavy Shield | 21 Armor-Piercing Ranged DPS |