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Dawn of War 3

Bolivar's Dawn of War 3 Codex

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When choosing Elites for your loadout, make sure the total Elite Point cost is not too high. In a 20 minute 1v1 match, you may not accumulate enough Elite Points to bring out your 10-point Imperial Knight Solaria. Because Elites have much higher power levels than line units, you really need to get as many on the field as you can.

Look at each of the three Elite slots as a resource - if you can't bring out one of your Elites, you are wasting one of your biggest resources.

In 1v1 games, I sometimes bring out three Elites for a cost of 5 or fewer points each. If I bring a late game Elite, they often only cost 7 points. Conversely, in 3v3 games, it makes sense to include more powerful Elites in your loadout, culminating in a 9-10 point super walker to help you close out the game. 3v3 matches have a tendency to go on longer since thereís more players to cover each otherís mistakes and more super weapon abilities to turn back an otherwise game-ending push.

It's helpful for your first two slots to have a combination of early-mid game Elites. Choosing one that costs 3 Elite Points and another that costs 4 gives you the option to bring one out earlier to swing momentum in your favor, or to wait just a bit longer to bring out a more poewrful Elite that may also be more advantageous to the current situation. Since resources accumulate slowly at first and roughly half of the line units have abilities, spending your resources wisely to counter your opponent's units and their faction's strengths is crucial to winning early fights. This makes the luxury of choosing between two very different Elites all the more valuable.

For example, if you are winning early as Eldar and put your Space Marine opponent on the backfoot, you can bring in Farseer Macha right away to wipe their line units and start going after objective structures. However, if they aren't building their melee Assault Marines and are instead hiding their ranged Tactical Marines and Scout Snipers behind shield generators, it's more beneficial to wait only 90-120 seconds longer to bring out Jain Zar. She can engage targets immediately with her leap, ignore shields with her melee, and wipe squads quickly with her blade toss.

You also want to consider picking Elites to counter your opponent's strengths, especially earlier on in the match. For example, the Ork faction's Boyz are arguably the best starting unit in the game - not only are they cheaper than Tactical Marines and Dire Avengers, they are the only starting melee unit, guaranteed to win 1v1 against any ranged units they lock down, whom they will automatically charge and slow if they get close enough. Space Marine players can use the 2-point Deathwatch kill team to bring out an Elite very early in the game for only 2 points, also giving early access to flamethrowers. The Deathwatch give a free Drop Pod to knock down the enemy and disrupt positioning on their arrival. Their flamethrowers make quick work of close range light infantry such as Boyz. Their gravity grenades can hold fleeing units in place to wipe your opponent's starting army and give you the space to push hard.

Also keep in mind how you lose the Elite Points you spend for each summon, extending the time it takes for you to bring out more expensive Elites in exchange for an advantage right now. This leads to two exceptions to the general advice above.
One. Although I caution against it in 1v1, you may be able to get away with stacking two high-cost Elites in your loadout in team games. Your teammates could possibly cover for you if you wanted to bring out only later game Elites. This would allow you to play a powerful 7-point heavy armor Elite like Mad Dread while your opponents are only getting out their second early game light infantry Elite.

Two. You may be able to use timing to hold off on your second Elite if it means bringing out your third faster. Let's assume you and your opponent both bring out your three-point Elites at the same time, and you use the Eldar Farseer Macha to defeat the Orks' Weirdboy. Before your opponent can accumulate the 4 Elite points to bring out Gorgutz, your Farseer defeats Weirdboy again, who is now out of the game for an even longer window of a few minutes. Your opponent now brings out Gorgutz but since you've had the advantage, Macha on her own might be able to stand up to him with her supporting cast of line units. Instead of spending your 4 Elite Points on Jain Zar now, you can afford to wait just a few more minutes to bring out your Wraith Lord for 7, long before your opponent can bring out anything to match its power level.