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Dawn of War 3

Bolivar's Dawn of War 3 Codex

Doctrine Strategy
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Its important to realize you have access to six doctrines each match, not just three. Each Elite also brings an Elite doctrine into battle with it. Pay attention to whether a single line unit is benefitting from multiple doctrines. If youre not going to lean on that unit during combat, you should think about swapping it out for something else that will benefit a different part of your army.

You should also use Doctrines to counter the faction of your opponent. Orks can bring in the Thump from da Sky Doctrine to drop down bombs from orbit around them, which will be helpful when going up against another Ork player, as your Boyz will constantly be fighting around eachother in large groups. When playing Space Marines, you could take the Shootaz Tonz o Bombz Doctrine to gain a second, passive Stikkbomb, to double their output per unit, whereas Space Marines have their stun grenades tied to their weak Scout Squad. Against Eldar, you could use Get Em Boyz to allow Boyz to move faster in groups when not in combat to keep up with their mobility in taking resources and establishing map control.

Also try to think about how Doctrines can be put together. Striking Scorpions have a Hunters Doctrine which allows Howling Banshees to stealth along with the Scorpions when they activate Hunt. You can then use the Avenger Holo-Field Doctrine to allow Dire Avengers to join them, giving you an entire stealth army to position for ambushes.