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PCPowerPlay Phillip Boulle Interview

By FallenXE - 7th January 2017 - 13:47 PM

The folks over at PCPowerplay recently conducted an interview with Dawn of War 3 game director Philippe Boulle for the current issue of their magazine and they have uploaded part of it online for reading.

Much can be gleamed from the interview, including the fact that the camera will be able to be zoomed out in DOW3 much more further than previous games, that they have used the Company of Heroes 2 engine as a basis for the development of the game as well as the fact that DOW3 will attempt to merge the best aspects of both the first and second Dawn of War.

One interesting thing that is to be noted is that the campaign will be linear, yet it will have you transitioning among the different factions in-between missions. In addition to that the feature of being able to choose which mission you would like to tackle from the planetary map seems to have been removed as well.

Thus this could possibly well mean that there will be no longer any faction-specific campaign option but rather the perspectives of the various factions will be interwoven into one giant plot. As noted below:

Our priority with the missions was to give equal love to all three factions. Mission one is Space Marines, mission two is Orks, missions three is Eldar, mission four is Space Marines, and that has all kind of interesting impact, like, the player knows more than the protagonist. But in order to make that work, we stuck with a linear campaign structure, just so the player had one less thing to think about when they’re switching perspectives all the time. I definitely think that nonlinear meta-map approach is something that we’ll want to explore in the future, but it’s not part of the core game.
Source: PCPowerplay

That said, it is comforting that the developers are at least open to the idea of implementing the meta-map feature in the future. Either if that comes through free content update or paid DLCs is unknown. What do you think of this latest information? Do tell us your thoughts below!