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Fog of War #3 - Necrons confirmed?

By -Netput - 2nd March 2017 - 09:07 AM

A new video in the Fog of War series for Dawn of War 3 has been released. This time around art director Matt Kuzminski and lead environment artist Tristan Brett talk about the environment. A lot of different worlds and styles are being shown and discussed. It is nice to hear the story behind and the idea behind the used tile sets. The worlds that are being described in the video are Cyprus Ultima, Cage World, Starfort and Acheron. Let's take a look at the video first before going over all these fancy worlds:

The first thing we can conclude is the great switch from the cartoon-style we were shown earlier. There is smoke, fog, shadows, snow, wind, and other environmental effects now. Before there was an ice planet with full sun which made the game full of light and reflections and not nice looking at all. Certainly a change for the good!

Cyprus Ultima

The medieval world is known as Cyprus Ultima. The style and feeling of these world represents the way and style of life of people living in the first millennia. While respecting the room the players need to play, a lot of little details are placed in the non playable spaces. The developers try to make people think 'hey, what is going on there'. All those little fun things to make the player come back to play in Cyprus Ultima again.

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Cage World

The second world that is being discussed is Cage World. A world very alien and very disorienting. It is something new to the Dawn of War series and therefore unique. The environment is created out of interconnecting, almost living, blocks. Wait, what? Living metal? We know that from somewhere! 'Necrodermis is the xenos material created over sixty million years ago by the Necrontyr species that is often described as "living metal." This surely hints to the Necrons being in right?! In the rest of the video we see paths being created by those moving blocks/living metal. If we happen to see this in Multiplayer games as well, this could lead to really dynamic gameplay. The words the developers use are intriguing and mystery, but still respect for the action and enough room to see the battle taking place.

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In Starfort a totally new tileset is being used. It is a huge flying space- or warstation. The vibe around is described as gothic and a grim dark direction. The scale and the weapons on display on the ship are the ultimate expression of Empyrean technology. The maps are really facilitating gameplay. The clean areas are there to support great battles. The places that aren't accessible for action are used as a canvas to tell a great story.

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The most violent world and environment in the game. There is lava spewing everywhere. There are ever shifting glaciers of ice that are collapsing with the lava beneath it. The world was quite hard to create as it was hard to balance gameplay with visual beauty and visual noise. They succeeded though and now present a beautiful world with great colors and a beautiful color palette.

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