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Questions and Answers

By Paranoid Kamikaze - 21st March 2017 - 23:08 PM

There has been some questions regarding whether Relic is really communicating with the community on the reasons they're doing the things that they do. There are usually negative comments everywhere and, while their cinematic trailers are awesome, people are hitting the dislike button simply because they don't like a certain aspect of the game. Of course, Relic hasn't been silent on anything that they have announced, people just don't seem to see where their explanations are.

Relics plans regarding releasing information seems to be to reveal it in an exclusive interview with game journalists and then to have their community managers/moderators spread the word when people ask on the forums about it. Some community members might find it odd that they're not releasing this information on their own website, but there is a very good reason for that: Big game journalists want exclusive content and have access to their own audience. This leads to Relic wanting to give them exclusive content in order to get knowledge of their game out to that audience. The problem with all of this is that the knowledge of what's going on with the game is incredibly fragmented. Some people in one audience know a certain set of information and another knows a different set. Each audience is complaining about something they don't know about, but another audience does. The amount of people who want to spend the time to learn everything is very small as most people don't want to put in so much work. In an effort to give information about the most common questions people have, I'm going to list them and try to answer them as best as I can.

Why was the cover system changed?

The cover system has been changed to be a capture-able energy shield where you can't damage the unit inside until the shield is down or if a melee unit engages them. The energy shield is very visible, the capture aspect makes it so defensive units can't be used offensively, and the reason why you can't damage units until the shield is down is to make a hard counter system with melee units to stop ranged spam. Oh, and larger armies can actually fit in it as opposed to the cover system from DoW 2 that's meant for squad sizes of 3.

The dynamic cover system wouldn't have worked the way this game was made and had issues of its own. It was very unreliable as it could be destroyed and simply walking by it could reduce a ranged attack which results in a player being confused as to why a ability was doing so little damage. A bit odd to have the local foliage protect against lasers and missiles as well.

Why were sync kills removed?

Sync kills are when a unit performs an animation when killing a unit and then you regain control of the unit once it's done. The problem with this is that it removes control from the player, which is incredibly frustrating. To make a sync kill that was interesting to watch, it generally had to last a few seconds, which was not fun as the rest of your units in that squad would stand around uncontrollable and get butchered. Not to mention that you don't notice them after the first few times. Sync kills in this game are replaced by death animation and bloody gore.

Is Gabriel Angelos jumping in terminator armour?

Yup. It's a gameplay issue where they want to make his animation very visible so you can react to it.

Why is the game so bright and colourful?

The game is only so bright and colourful when effects are turned off. If shadows and other effects are on, it looks much darker.

How come there's no retreat?

Retreat was used in previous games for squad preservation reasons and allows you to just press a button to get out of a bad situation. Without retreat there is a threat of your squad getting wiped so you'll be required to scout and play more carefully.

User interface customization?

You will be able to change if the mini-map is on the left or right. Nothing else is announced for customization.

Is this game a MOBA or like Starcraft 2?

This game has the gameplay of Dawn of War 1, ability usage of Dawn of War 2, and then a MOBA aspect put on top. The only parts of the game that are MOBA are the Elites being so powerful and the Power Core victory mode. If you toned down the Elites and made the victory condition to destroy the enemy stronghold instead of a power core, people wouldn't even mention the MOBA aspect. Your opponent can also just concede and you don't have to worry about the victory conditions. As for the maps, some are laned and some are not. Many different maps. Don't worry about it if this game being too 'MOBA' is holding you back from being interested in it.

Do the turrets cover everything and keep your base safe?

No, the turrets just cover the area around them and don't fill the entire base. You can bypass them with units that jump or teleport. They're just damage and there is no suppression so you can use one squad to attract its attention and then move your army past it if you would like as well.

How powerful are the Elites?

Elites are more powerful than the commanders of DoW 2 and not as powerful as hero's in MOBA games. You can use health and damage upgrades on your units if you're having trouble with them. Or just build more units.

Will the game be pay-to-win?

Nope. There will only be completely cosmetic DLC that costs money. Everything else will be bought using an in-game currency called 'Skulls' that you naturally get while playing.

Will there be more factions

More factions will be introduced in expansion packs. Relic has stated that they eventually want to include all factions in the game.

What modes are there in the game?

The victory mode is called 'Power Core' where you need to destroy the power core in the enemies base. The gameplay modes are 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3. Relic has stated that there might be more modes available later. It is just Power Core for release though.

Will there be a open beta?

Relic has stated that everyone will get a chance to play before the game is released. Not directly stating that there's going to be an open beta, but they might as well have.

Game modding?

Nothing announced, but both DoW 1 & 2 had healthy mod scenes so you should expect the same for DoW 3.

That's all the questions that I could think of. If you have any more leave them in the comments and I'll try and address them. If you don't agree with anything said here you will be getting the chance to play the game before release to see for yourself and then the full game will release on April 27th.