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DoW 3 Closed Beta

By Paranoid Kamikaze - 3rd April 2017 - 23:45 PM

A little under a month from release and Relic has just announced a closed beta that's not under NDA for this weekend from 10AM PST on April 7 until 10AM PST on April 10. There was a previous closed beta before this, but it was under NDA and was mainly meant for testing stability or catching any large bugs that have made it through. This new beta should run much smoother and have more features available for those of us who were either in the beta or were watching from Russian streams. For those of you not in the closed beta Relic has stated that you will get a chance to play before release, so probably soon after this weekend.

If you are a streamer or other 'influencer' of some type you can send a message to Kat on the official forums and maybe they'll let you in. For the others be sure to tune in to Twitch or your favourite Youtube channels to see some DoW 3 action!

Update: People from the previous closed beta will be in the new closed beta as well.

Update: Some confusion. It's a new group of testers. Confirmed by Kat.