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Patch Notes: May 8, 2017. Updated

By Paranoid Kamikaze - 8th May 2017 - 19:07 PM

Welcome to patch day. Relic has just released their bug fix patch they promised for Monday and at 36 changes it shows that they're serious about the game. Other than standard maintenance they have added the much requested option to surrender in multiplayer matches so you can earn some experience as opposed to just waiting in your base doing nothing until your opponent takes down your power core. To say it's much appreciated would be putting it lightly.


  • You can now surrender in multiplayer matches
  • Ronahn’s Long Shot now shows a line on the minimap when aiming
  • Improved presentation in Player Profile screen
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed assorted rare crashes
  • Fixed issue where a chat command (/leave) could cause a crash
  • Fixed broken link to modding wiki in Steam Workshop page
  • Fixed flow issues with quick-matching versus AI when in a party
  • Fixed potential progression blocker in Mission 17
  • Fixed issue with knockback in water
  • Fixed additional instances of ability usage visible through the fog of war
  • Fixed extra scrap being generated by drop pods after their wrecks were looted
  • Fixed text display issues in Steam Workshop
  • Fixed issue with Gorkanaut Rokkit Fist if you issued a move order immediately after using it
  • Disabled incorrectly active buttons during quick match countdown
  • Fixed issue with melee tie up of ranged units placed in melee stance
  • Jain Zar now has visual FX for her scream passive
  • Fixed issue where Bonesinger could become invisible if its Warp ability was canceled
  • Fixed occasional animation issues with Land Speeder crew
  • Eldritch Storm conduit can no longer capture heavy cover
  • Fixed shared cooldown on Bomb Squig and Rokkit Barrage abilities on Tankbustas
  • Fixed missing decor upgrades on Space Marine Stronghold building when player tiers up
  • Fixed missing visual FX on Jonah Orion’s Fury of the Ancients when inside the Stonewall created by Plant the Standard
  • Fixed issue where Elites could get trapped behind the colossus gate in Mission 13
  • Fixed issue where certain doctrines had no effect on units deployed via drop pod
  • Fixed issue where “Hide In-World UI” option applied to some campaign objects, causing progression blockers in Mission 7 and difficulty elsewhere
  • Fixed issue with certain missions reporting 0 XP earned
  • Fixed issue in which Shield Generator shields could be repaired by builder units
  • Fixed issue where Kill Team Ironmaw’s respawn time was not properly increasing when killed in multiplayer games
  • Fixed missing tooltips for Elites on post-match screen
  • Removed non-functional play button in Steam Workshop
  • Fixed issue where Macha’s mastery skin would permanently leave elements in the world after she was killed
  • Fixed issue where Campaign Map button on rewards screen had to be pressed twice to access that screen
  • Fixed issue where connected Webway Gates would not display FX
  • Fixed assorted camera stutters when skipping NISes
  • Fixed non-functional secondary highlight in Doctrine Selector in Elites screen
  • Fixed issue where Venerable Dreadnought Toss ability was not stunning infantrySource: Relic

Update: Relic released a hotfix a few hours after the patch.


  • Fixed a bug where the game would only display resolution options for the secondary monitor in dual-monitor setups with varying screen resolutions
Source: Relic

Update 2: Another hotfix


  • Fixed a bug where Improved Webways could be equipped as an Elite Doctrine and as an Army Doctrine, causing an unintended effect on cooldown reduction.
  • Enabled Skull and Elite experience rewards for Steam Workshop community maps.
Source: Relic