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Steam Trading Cards

By Paranoid Kamikaze - 10th May 2017 - 22:34 PM

As you've been playing the game you might have noticed that every so often you would be getting some trading cards in your account. Well, it turns out those things are actually useful. The way it works is that about half(8 in the case of this game) of a collection of cards will drop as you play and then every so often you will randomly get booster packs, which will increase or decrease in dropping based off of how many in the community are crafting badges. Besides drops you can either trade with your friends or just outright buy them from the marketplace. When you collect them all you'll earn a badge which will then give you special backgrounds, emotes and even coupons. Collect the cards again to level up and get more rewards as well as leveling up your badge. There are also foil versions of the cards that will turn into a different more rare badge once the collection is completed.

If you want to view your progress on your badge you can just open up Steam, click on your user name right next to 'community' and then click 'Badges'. This will take you to a page showing all the cards you own in any participating Steam game in your library. After clicking on the game you're interested in collecting for it will then show a screen of what cards you have and those you don't. Scroll down and it will show a list of all your friends that have the cards you're missing. Convenient.

Not only will you be getting the drops from completing badges, but you will also be increasing your Steam level. The benefits of leveling are +5 friend slots(250 is default) each level, a new display showcase every 10 levels and an increased chance of receiving random booster packs. Other ways of leveling up other than from card collecting are by doing the Steam Community badge, special events or just plain years of service. Levels are also meant to be increased easily during the first 10 at 100 XP per level(badges give 100) and then 100 per level more every 10 levels.

If you want to go to the community market and just buy what you're interested in make sure to type in 'dawn of war iii' as the '3' won't show any results. Steam Card Exchange(NOT associated with Valve) is a good site if you wanted to just view everything. I'm only recommending going there to view and don't vouch for them as I've never used them before.

As a little side note, due to the game just recently releasing, prices are pretty high for Dawn of War 2. Some are around the price you would typically expect from DLC. Once more people craft badges and there is more supply it should be going down.