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Community Update May 12, 2017

By Paranoid Kamikaze - 13th May 2017 - 05:30 AM

Relic has just released their community update for May 12th and they have announced that there will be leaderboards to go with the upcoming balance changes. They have already been using a system of their own for accurate matchmaking and in their update they say 'tracking wins and losses', which is a bit odd as it sounds like they matching you based off of your win ratio as opposed to a more accurate ELO rating. Or Glicko. Or whatever else is out there as anything is better than going by win ratios. Hopefully it's just worded strangely and they're not actually going off of win ratios.

They have also said that with the new leaderboards you will be able to see your standings in all game modes with each faction and you will be able to see the most popular elites. You can actually already do that if you click that hidden little button on the top left part of the screen. The only thing new is that it will be on the leaderboards so you can compare yourself to your friends, or whoever it is you're competing against.

There wasn't any extra hint of any kind as to what the actual changes are going to be in the next balance patch, but they did say 'we’ve focused on feedback where counterplay, unit effectiveness, or escalation mechanics could put you at a disadvantage against players of a roughly similar skill level.' As well as the escalation changes they already promised the last update. Hopefully when they said 'feedback' they meant stats and their own internal testing in finding problems and not kneejerk reactions from people who lose to something once and then complain on the forums about it. Or people who lose to the same thing over and over again without trying anything new and then complain on the forums about it. Or people who just complain on the forums in general.

To end it off there was a nice little tidbit about how there have been some server changes that made it so Australians can play with better performance. The language barrier that they speak of shouldn't be much of an issue as you usually only say 'gl hf' and 'gg' in 1v1's and in team games you can just play with a friend who speaks the same language. You could also just click the 'display events in chat' option, which will essentially squelch all chat.

Good news, Australian fans! We've made some server changes on our end, so games should run more smoothly for you!
This will mean better performance during online gameplay, but you may encounter a language barrier if you rely on in-game chat. If you'd rather stick to English-only games at a small cost to performance, you can browse or create Custom matches.
We're going to keep an eye on how this improves your online games. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, let us know in this thread!
Source: Relic

The update will be coming on May 24th, so a little under two weeks and you can finally have your leaderboards and buffs/nerfs that you all want so much.