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June 13 Community Update Summary

By Jelly - 14th June 2017 - 14:09 PM

The Annhiliation Update will hit you on June the 20th, a Tuesday. Before that, on the 16th, there will be a live stream of a new mode. And sometime during this week, there will be a video released about the mode as well.

The mode in question? Annhiliation Mode. Or modes. As there are two. All current maps will be updated to allow you to play these modes on them.
  • Classic: Where one destroyes the core structures of the opponent(s). Core, in this context, likely meaning production buildings.
  • With Defenses: Same as Classic, but with Doctrine Turrets.
Doctrine Turrets? Oh, yes, like this one below.

IPB Image

How they work weren't mentioned. A guess is that they will be stationary, and that they will kill things. I hope.

In addition to that, there is a new map. It's called Mortis Vale. More on that next week. Until then, enjoy the screenshot.

IPB Image

Lastly, free skins. Yay... They are called Engines of Annihilation. They skin different Elites than the preorder skins, if that confused you.

IPB Image

For the full Community Update, visit Dawn of War 3's Website or Steam.

Written by Yukiko.